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Want to Buy a Home? Money-Saving Tips for Renters

Want to Buy a Home? Money-Saving Tips for RentersIt should come as no surprise that rent is the biggest expense each month for the majority of the workforce. While many want to buy a house, it might not seem feasible for a few years. However, while keeping a roof over your head is a must, breaking your budget and wasting money you could be saving instead isn’t. In this article, we’ll cover some of the ways that you can pocket a bit more cash each month in an effort to save for

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Avoid These 4 Money Mishaps for a Successful Business

Avoid These 4 Money Mishaps for a Successful BusinessThe statistics for new businesses succeeding is an eye-opening one for many entrepreneurs. Even with the best intentions, focus, and a solid team, your success is not guaranteed. As one of the biggest challenges for business owners, finances often cause stress and hardship from the start. We’re going to examine the four major mistakes that you can avoid to ensure your business is a thriving one, both now and long term. In addition, protect your operation with a comprehensive NY

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Best Practices for Caterers

Best Practices for CaterersAs a caterer, you strive to put out beautiful and delicious food for your clientele. However, the nature of the job requires that food be prepared and transported in different locations, which leaves room for food contamination, unsafe handling practices, and more risks. In order to address these common concerns, we have complied a list of best practices to be upheld by caterers to reduce the risk of foodborne illness. In addition, secure a comprehensive Westchester County Catering Insurance policy to ease your liability concerns.


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Budget-Friendly Ways to Boost Value

Budget-Friendly Ways to Boost ValueHome is where so many memories are made and where you spend the majority of your free time. With that in mind, it’s no wonder you want to take care of your property and keep it looking great and modern. However, upgrades can be costly, and without a huge budget, you might feel as though it’s impossible to keep your home fresh. With these simple suggestions, you can get a lot of bang for your buck, without making a huge dent in your wallet. Read on to discover

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Employee Perks: Which Ones Work?

Employee Perks: Which Ones Work?It should come as no surprise to learn that all employees desire some sort of perks from their jobs. From competitive salaries and vacation time to catered lunches and game rooms, there is no shortage of new perks that have been implemented nationwide. However, which ones reel in the qualified candidates and make them stay, and which ones aren’t as beneficial as you thought? In addition to protecting your business with a NY EPLI policy, consider the following perks.

Remote work and flexible hours.

“Empowering our

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Money Saving Tips for Homeowners

Money Saving Tips for HomeownersAs a homeowner, you know how quickly expenses add up. From utility bills to landscaping and groceries, there’s always something that needs to be paid for. Therefore, we have devised this list for you to be more aware of where your money goes and to pad your wallet over time. In addition to securing the right NY Home Insurance policy, heed the following advice.

Automate your thermostat.

There’s no reason to leave your air or heat on when you’re at work all day. Invest in a programmable thermostat

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Safe Winter Driving Tips

Safe Winter Driving TipsAs many motorists are aware, driving during this time of year can be harrowing. With ice-slicked roads and heavy snowfall to consider, there are plenty of additional risks that drivers face during the harsh winter season. To avoid the dangers associated with winter weather, ensure you protect yourself with a comprehensive and customized New York Auto Insurance policy and heed the following safe driving tips.

Basic safety tips.

Never drive when you are fatigued. Risky road conditions are dangerous as it is, and drivers need to be alert and

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How to Protect Your Valuables

How to Protect Your Valuables

As the holidays are approaching, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that you are able to protect any valuable items you receive with Valuable Items Insurance. Valuable Items Insurance will provide protection for high-value items not covered under a typical homeowners insurance policy, covering items such as fine art, jewelry, collectibles, firearms, and others. Having this insurance will provide excellent coverage for your more expensive items, but you can take additional measures in order to ensure that your valuable items will remain

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Driving Safely on Thanksgiving

thanksgiving-driving-tipsThe holiday season is quickly approaching. Malls are filled with garlands and sky-high Christmas trees and everyone is the Christmas spirit. However, there is the case of the crowded roads and the higher chance of accidents during this time of year. It’s important that you stay protected with New York Automobile Insurance.

In an article in West Bend, they explain a few tips for staying safe on the roads during Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays.

  1. Try to take off work early.
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Securing Your Boat During a Hurricane

Securing Your Boat During a HurricaneWhether you’re near the eye of the storm or not, understanding how to secure your boat in the event of a hurricane is imperative. Make sure you stay protected with a New York Boat Insurance policy and ensure your investment is hurricane-ready.

According to an article in Boating, here are a few tips to protect your boat from a hurricane.

  1. Staying afloat is essential. A storm-engineered floating dock system can survive category 4 hurricanes. Make sure you are in protected waters because
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