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5 Important Questions to Ask Before Moving Into a Rental Home

5 Important Questions to Ask Before Moving Into a Rental HomeRenting an apartment is a necessity for most, especially when you’re just starting out in your career. Fast forward a few years, and you might have some kids and a spouse but aren’t ready to buy just yet. Renting a home provides more space and privacy than a multiunit dwelling, but requires a bit more forethought and research before moving in. In this article, we’ll cover the important questions everyone should ask before moving into a rental home. Most importantly, protect your new dwelling and your assets with a New York Renters Insurance policy.

Do your research.

Scout out the local area, and this means more than just seeing how far away it is from work and what the home looks like. Is it next to a major street? Is it a heavily populated area? Is it next to loud bars and restaurants? Is there an airport nearby where you’ll hear planes all day?

Remember your furry friends.

Most landlords have pretty reasonable pet policies. However, be prepared to negotiate the terms of your furry friends living in the rental unit before setting your heart on the place. Make sure the landlord doesn’t have weight, breed or number of dog restrictions.

Ask about certain clauses in your rental agreement.

A break clause means that a “fixed-term tenancy can be ended at 6 months”, according to James Plunkett, head of consumer research at Citizens Advice.

However, it’s important to check out the specific wording of the clause to see the conditions: “For example, that there are no existing rent arrears when the tenant wants to activate the clause.”

A release clause runs along similar lines, but might involve the tenant “paying a fee to release themselves from the agreement at any time”, Plunkett says. It also usually means that the tenant has to find someone to replace them, as well as paying the fee.

Include stipulations in the rental agreement.

If you want walls painted, carpets steam cleaned, or a deep cleaning of the house before your move in date, set up these stipulations in the tenancy agreement. Have these terms written out and signed before transferring any money to the landlord.

Take inventory.

The last thing you need is to be charged for damages that were there prior to you moving in. A good way to mitigate this is to take an inventory of the issues you see when you first walk in. Anything from dings in the walls to cracked banisters and the like. If your landlord doesn’t have an inventory sheet set up, you can take pictures and document them upon moving in, just make sure you both sign it.

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