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Westchester County Auto Insurance: Cutting Car-Buying Process in Half

Westchester County Auto Insurance Cutting Car-Buying Process in HalfWestchester County Auto Insurance: Cutting Car-Buying Process in Half

Buying a car can be a long, lengthy process. It takes time, research, test driving, and a significant amount of haggling to get that shiny new pair of keys. Now however, car showrooms are looking to cut the time you spend negotiating a deal.

Shoppers are going online and conducting extensive research before they even enter the showroom. According to J.D. Power and Associates, 80 percent of buyers spend an average of 18 hours online researching models and prices. However, despite that, new car buyers spend 12.5 percent more time negotiating at showrooms last year than in 2010 negotiating the deal, hammering out financing, and training on the vehicle’s technology. Even though car buyers enter the show rooms more educated on what they are looking for, it still takes a significant amount of time.

To combat that, vehicle showrooms are utilizing a new range of tools from mobile devices that can calculate a car’s trade-in value to expanded call centers to handle the increased traffic from smartphone shoppers. AutoNation Inc. is rolling out a new pricing strategy that bases selling prices on current market data, rather than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. In addition, new software allows them to present a menu of financing or leasing options. The goal of these transactions is to cut transaction times in half.

It’s a learning curve- dealers are still testing policies that benefit a new generation of digitally savvy customers. For example, more dealers are moving away from writing price offers on paper and using digital software systems instead. The new systems allow salespeople to use an iPad to adjust variables such as the trade-in value of a used care or down payment. The information can also be sent directly to a sales manager, so the salesperson doesn’t have to run back and forth.

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Source: Wall Street Journal

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