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What Benefits Matter the Most to Potential Employees?

What Benefits Matter the Most to Potential EmployeesWhen it comes to hiring new employees, you want to ensure that the best candidates choose your offer of employment over someone else’s. In order to do that you want to make sure you have the best NY Employee Benefits Package to offer potential employees. Understanding which benefits potential employees are looking for from a prospective employer can help you.

In today’s society, benefits are almost more important to potential employees than the pay rate. Benefit packages generally include benefits like: health care, vacation time, pay raises, employee benefit, performance benefits, and retirement plans. The importance of each type of benefit varies between offered income, career level, gender, currently employed vs. un-employed prospects, as well as those with families vs. those without.

Importance of benefits by:

Income- Potential employees that are offered a lower income, tend to place a higher value on healthcare benefits. Coming in second is vacation time.

Gender-Healthcare is placed in the number one position for benefits wanted by both males and females, however women generally rank vacation as their number two, while men place performance bonuses in that position.

Employed vs. Un-Employed- While healthcare is ranked as most important in both categories, unemployed potential candidates are willing to take a more significant cut in salary to obtain healthcare benefits than currently employed potential candidates who are more likely to look at the pay raise benefit.

Career Level- While all career levels generally agree on the ranking of each benefit type, entry level employees tend to place more concern on the health care benefits while mid level employees place greater importance on vacation time and top level managers and executives hold greater value in performance bonuses.

Families- Candidates with families will place greater importance on benefits such as healthcare and childcare than candidates without families that tend to gravitate towards higher pay raise benefits.

Knowing a little bit about your potential employees can help you to determine which employee benefits to offer them to work for you.

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