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The Importance of Westchester County Private Client Services

The Importance of Westchester County Private Client Services Lets suppose your net worth is $50 million. You have a luxurious lifestyle that includes spending summers in your Hamptons vacation home and the rest of the year traveling between your Manhattan and Westchester home. A major hurricane destroys much of the state, including your Manhattan and Hampton home. The replacement cost of both of homes is an estimated $4 million, but you only have $1.5 million coverage– what would you do? It may be obvious to many that it’s necessary for affluent individuals and families to purchase additional insurance coverage. However, this is not the reality. High net worth individuals are underestimating their risks and the cost of a liability claim. As an affluent individual, it’s essential to purchase additional insurance coverage that standard policies can’t provide. This often comes in the form of the following policies (includes but not limited to) excess liability, high-value umbrella, employee practices liability insurance (EPLI), errors & omissions, workers comp, high value homeowners, yacht/watercraft, classic/antique/collector auto, trustee liability, and more. Why? Higher income individuals and families are different from standard income individuals. Aside from the fact that they earn a significant amount of money greater than the average person, they are exposed to risks that are uncommon to most. But to affluent individuals, these risks can cause irreparable damage to his/her finances and reputation. Common risks include: Heavy reliance on staff and advisors Communication (libel and slander Directors  & Officers More assets to protect (jewelry, collector cars, yachts, art collections, etc) Moreover, wealthy individuals and families attract lawsuits from individuals with unwarranted intentions of claiming a surplus of money from a wealthy defendant. Co-chairman of a New York’s Cozen O’Connor law firm, John J. McDonough, was inclined to say wealthy individuals are “perceived as having ‘deep pockets,’ and become a target.” In addition to his observation, the economic recession indirectly brought in an increasing number of bodily injury and workers compensation claims. Custom insurance and concierge service that focuses on high net worth individuals and their families. We invite you to give us a call at your convenience at (888) 639-4560, or if you prefer email us or return the form on this page, and we’ll call you to set up an appointment to review your insurance program in detail and discuss how Private Client Services can address…
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Fine Jewelry Insurance: Make Sure You’re Covered

Fine Jewelry Insurance: Make Sure You’re Covered Your jewelry collection is extremely precious to you. Whether you’ve amassed a family collection of heirlooms or some personal, highly valued gifts, you want to make sure you are protected. But misunderstandings of what exactly is covered in a homeowner’s policy could leave you high and dry if your jewelry is lost or stolen. At the essence of an issue is often a communication divide. There is a common disparity between perceived value and the actual value. An owner might have sentimental value, or overinflate the value of their jewelry, and have an estimate that conflicts with an expert opinion. Or, they might assume it is covered under their homeowner’s insurance when it really is much more valuable than that. Most homeowner’s policies do cover jewelry items. However, when the actual loss of an entire jewelry collection does occur, it is extremely rare that the owner receives a settlement that comes close to the true value of the missing items. To avoid that position, homeowners must have a firm understanding of the exact value of their possessions and base their insurance coverage accordingly. If you have a high end jewelry collection, you want to take the time to make sure every item is covered and properly insured for its current value. The key is documenting in detail, comprehensive information on each piece you own. Many jewelry appraisals conducted at local stoops- and their certificate of authority relies on simple sales techniques that may not adequately assess the value of a piece. It is essential that the value may have changed over time. The price of gold has increased significantly in the past 20 years; if you have an antique piece of gold jewelry; it is most likely worth significantly more today. High-value items need better protection than a standard homeowner’s policy. A.J. Benet offers sound, well-priced coverage for these valuable items either with a floater added onto your Westchester homeowners insurance policy or a stand-along policy . Contact us today for more information (888) 639-4560

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