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Avoid These Three Common Car Crash Causes

Avoid These Three Common Car Crashes CausesAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are three common causes of car crashes in the United States.  What is important to note is that each of these factors are completely under the driver’s control. While you can’t eliminate every risk when you’re on the road, insuring your vehicle with a New York & New Jersey Auto Insurance Policy and being mindful of these common causes will safeguard you from liability.

Pay Attention

According to the NHTSA, about 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or other handheld electronic devices while driving. Add to this fact the countless other distractions you may face while driving, such as playing your car stereo or talking to a passenger. While you can’t control other drivers on the road, it is important to remember that you can control yourself.  Pay attention to what you are doing so that you’ll be ready to react quickly in the event of a threat.

Stay Sober

Don’t drive after you’ve been drinking or using other drugs, including prescription drugs. In 2012, according to the National Safety Council (NSC), 15,000 people were killed in accidents involving impaired drivers. If you are unsure how a new medication will affect you, don’t drive until you know.

Don’t Speed

A driver could be tempted to think that the majority of crashes happen on the interstate. However, according to the NHTSA, this is not the case. The highest number of speed-related accidents occurs on roads with a speed limit lower than 55mph. Always drive at a safe speed, while keeping in mind the drivers around you. If someone behind you is trying to speed up, do not try blocking them. Move and let them go passed you, otherwise you could increase your risk of a crash.

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