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Do You Have a Teen Driver? Here’s How You And Your Family Can Prepare

Do You Have a Teen Driver? Here’s How You And Your Family Can PrepareObtaining a driver’s license and getting behind the wheel of the family car or their own is exciting for your teenager, while you may have many concerns and anxiety about road safety and auto insurance.

Speak to an agent to help guide you through this life milestone, so you understand how to insure young drivers on their auto policies. Driving is a privilege, not a right. Certain steps must be agreed upon and fulfilled to gain and maintain that privilege. It is so important that new drivers grasp that concept and understand just how much maturity is needed to stay safe out there on the roads. Teens must realize and accept the newfound responsibilities that come with driving, and there are things that you can do to make this transition a smooth one.

Stress the Importance of Practice

Driving is not a skill that can be mastered quickly. Take an active role in teaching your child how to drive and give them as much behind-the-wheel time as possible.  Your teen’s driving school should provide experience with various types of road and traffic conditions and you should reinforce what they’ve learned outside of class as well.

Having your teen practice in a car that is in good condition and good working order is important.  Make sure they know how to operate mirrors, knobs, seats, safety systems and other key features. Remember that everything should be adjusted before they put the vehicle in gear.

Ban Electronic Devices

Emphasize that your teen must never use their phone or any other type of electronic communication device while driving. Calls and text messages can wait until they’ve arrived to their destinations. Do you want their cell phone turned off while their driving?  Can they use Spotify in the car? Be sure to be very clear what rules they are expected to abide by.

Reminder: do not call or text your child when you know they are driving. If you set a good example for them, they are more likely to follow along.

Teach Responsibility and Maturity  

Most teens are focused on the driver’s license itself and have no idea about what else goes into maintaining a vehicle. They should have a basic understanding of the maintenance involved with the vehicle; this includes things such as oil changes, tire rotations, new tires and proper fluid levels.

Some teens simply aren’t ready for the responsibility of a driver’s license and a car.  Your child might not be happy with you, but it’s OK to delay obtaining a license. Waiting six months or a year can often make a big difference.

Create a contract with your child so you agree on the rules ahead of time.  Do you want friends in the car with your teen? Do you want them driving at night? Know New York’s restrictions of teen driving and check with your city for any additional restrictions.  Explain your expectations, and detail the consequences if the rules are broken.

Take Care of Insurance

In many states, teenage boys have the highest premium costs for automobile insurance, because this demographic is statistically most likely to get into an accident on the road. However, we at A.J. Benet are here to help families to insure young drivers on their existing auto insurance policies with our Youthful Driver program and contract. This helps to communicate the responsibilities of driving to teenage drivers and helps parents and family members to control their household’s premium costs.

With the proper coverage and information about safe driving practices provided, you can have peace of mind.

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