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Driving Safely on Thanksgiving

thanksgiving-driving-tipsThe holiday season is quickly approaching. Malls are filled with garlands and sky-high Christmas trees and everyone is the Christmas spirit. However, there is the case of the crowded roads and the higher chance of accidents during this time of year. It’s important that you stay protected with New York Automobile Insurance.

In an article in West Bend, they explain a few tips for staying safe on the roads during Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays.

  1. Try to take off work early. Typically, Wednesday’s and Sunday’s are the busiest days to travel during Thanksgiving. If you have extra vacation days, try to use them to start your holiday travels early. Avoid traffic by leaving Monday or Tuesday and coming back Saturday.
  1. If you’re in the situation where you have to travel during peak times, then consider taking other routes to your destination. Try to avoid traffic by picking the scenic route.
  1. Make sure to have your phone fully charged before charging. If not, bring your charging cables with you. All of us use maps on our phones, so it’s essential that your smartphones are charged.
  1. If you’re delayed because of traffic, make sure to have distractions ready for you. Pack snacks and water and it’s a known fact that a full stomach equals happy people!
  1. When you know you’re taking a long road trip, get plenty of rest before. Take breaks while traveling because it helps you stay awake.

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