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Fun Ways to Bring Employee Wellness to the Workplace

Have you made health and employee wellness a priority at your workplace? There are many creative ways you can do this. Make health and wellness a priority to help your employees stay engaged and motivated on the job. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Walking Meetings

Coordinate walking meetings with your coworkers. It’s not good for employees to just sit in an office all day everyday. Walking for 30 mins will help your employees feel less tense, more enthusiastic, and more relaxed. It will also promote creative thinking, better focus, and improve overall employee wellness.

Essential Oils

Using essential oils of lavender, peppermint, and jasmine can greatly impact mood. These can help your employees slow down and use their sense of smell as an alternative way to relax during the work day. Individuals use these products for topical application, dietary consumption, and aromatic diffusion for a range of wellness related issues.

Dog-Friendly Office

Pets can greatly improve people’s mental health. Dogs also give a great excuse to take a break and walk around. If you’re contemplating promoting a dog-friendly office, speak to superiors about how this boost to endorphins will result in greater productivity and collaboration in the office.

Improve Employee Relationships

Social and emotional well-being are very important factors in creating a healthy, happy workplace. Cultivate employee engagement tools to promote a strong company culture.This can include a wide range of games, activities, and outings.

Gym Memberships

A gym membership or discount is one of the top benefits employees want, as many go to the gym anyway. Speak to upper management about the importance of this and how it is a great way to bring wellness to the workplace. Those who stay active are more inclined to feel good both physically and mentally, which will show in work ethic and productivity.

Healthy Snacks

Bringing junk food in the office is very tempting, but it certainly has its drawbacks, since what we eat directly affects how we feel and what we can bring to the table. Encourage employees to bring snacks to work that boost productivity, like apples, granola, or veggies with hummus. Or, provide these snacks for them.


Meditation has been known to help with conditions such as anxiety, asthma, high blood pressure, and even heart disease.

Regular meditation is also shown to decrease stress levels and increase focus — something every employee could benefit from. There are many apps that can be used as a guide.  Taking even just a few minutes can make a huge difference on stress level, creativity, and productivity. 

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