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Have These Items in Your Home? You May Need Valuable Items Insurance

Have These Items in Your Home? You May Need Valuable Items InsuranceYou may have many assets in your home that are high-value items either in terms of monetary or sentimental value, and you want to make sure that those items are protected. It is important to take into account that a homeowners insurance policy does not cover everything you own, and the items it does cover are only partially insured if they’re high-priced items. Instead, you’ll want to supplement your existing coverage with Valuable Items Insurance. Some homeowners don’t think about it until it is too late. Take the steps now so all of your most valuable and irreplaceable items are protected.

These are a few commonly-owned items you should consider insuring beyond your normal policy.


Normally homeowners and renters insurance policies have a limit well below the value of more expensive pieces even if jewelry is an included coverage.  It is smart to have the jewelry appraised first and then add it to your policy or purchase a separate policy.

Computer Equipment

What is the purpose of your computer equipment? If it’s for personal use ,it is possible that it is already covered. If you use a computer for work, your employer likely has a policy covering the equipment. If you’re self-employed, you need a policy that covers your business assets. Be sure to properly insure any business-related computer equipment.


There is certain artwork that may require special coverage. If you own expensive artwork that stays on your wall, insure it with a supplemental policy if your homeowners or renters insurance doesn’t cover it completely. If the art is ever on public display, it is beneficial to obtain a public liability policy to protect the piece from damage.

Specialty Tools

Certain lines of work require tools that should be insured. If you’re a mechanic or work in any trade that requires specialty tools, be sure to check your insurance policy for guidance. You may want to include the tools in your business insurance coverage if they’re stored at your home but primarily used for your business.


No animal lover would ever want to consider his or her beloved friend as property, but most laws recognize animals as something you own. Insurances related to pets include health and liability insurance.  It is important to note that sadly, depending on the breed, your pet may be excluded from your homeowner’s policy.

Check with your insurance agent so know your coverage status with these items.

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