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Home Insurance: Protect Your Home While Your Away for the Holidays

Home Insurance Protect Your Home While Your Away for the Holidays

Whether you’re flying across the country or driving down the street, the holidays is one of the busiest travel times of the year. You’re focused on herding the kids, gifts, and family dog in the car, making sure no one and nothing is left behind. But what about your home? Home Insurance Protect Your Home While Your Away for the Holidays

Thieves are opportunists- they will break into homes left vulnerable and unattended. Take a moment to beef up your home’s security while you away. Just a few simple tricks can help put your mind at ease.

  • Put interior and exterior lights on timers/motion sensors. Set the timers on staggered hours to turn lights on and off at different times.
  • Install tapered deadbolt locks on entry doors. The taper makes it extremely difficult to use a wrench or other tool to twist the lock open.
  • Get someone to maintain your property by removing snow or mowing the lawn.
  • Suspend the mail service and newspaper delivery, or ask a neighbor or trusted friend to pick it up for you. Newspapers lying in the driveway is a surefire indicator that no one is home.
  • Install a monitored security system.
  • Inform the local police department that your house will be empty.
  • Ask a neighbor or friend to watch your house for you and check on it every so often. If possible, getting someone to house sit would also be a great option.

The experts at A.J. Benet know how hard you work to protect your family year long. A package policy allows you to take advantage of benefits by consolidating multiple policies, such as  home insurance, with one insurance company. A.J. Benet offers Westchester County Home Insurance policies from top-tier insurance companies that are designed to insure your liability risks and property under one master program, helping to mitigate the problems you can encounter when you have multiple policies with different insurers. Contact us today for more information.

Source: Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety

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