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What to Do Immediately After Closing on a House

What to Do Immediately After Closing on a HouseWhen you’ve finally received the keys to your new home, you’ll likely exhale a sigh of relief. All of the planning and house hunting has paid off, now it’s time to enjoy your new dwelling, right? Not quite. Consider your comfort in your new residence by heeding the following tips for what to do immediately after the house is all yours. More importantly, protect your investment with a NY Home Insurance policy.

Deep clean.

Take advantage of the open space and give your new home a deep clean. This includes carpet, tile, walls, bathtubs, sinks, fixtures and more. It will be a much easier task without having to move around furniture, so do this before moving in to save yourself some time and effort.

Inspect your things.

Once everything’s off the truck, check your inventory list against what’s actually been delivered. Has everything made it to the new place? This is where it helps to have both the inventory list and a floor plan filled out with what goes where. You can then walk through the house, room by room, and make sure that everything has arrived safe and sound. And speaking of boxes, be sure to open a few cartons of your most breakable items to make certain they survived the move, says How Stuff Works.

Prioritize unpacking.

If you’re moving from house to house, you probably have a lot of boxes to unpack. Hopefully you spared yourself the headache and labeled each box accordingly. If you’re not paying the movers to unload for you, start by unpacking the essentials first – think kitchen and bathroom staples before worrying about fine china or decorations.

Make it homey.

Unpack bedding for each person who will be sleeping in the house on the first night. This goes hand in hand with prioritizing unpacking, and it will also make the space come to life and bring comfort to your family in a new space.

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