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Keeping Retail Stores Safe

Keeping Retail Stores SafeAs a retail store owner or manager, you know that having a clean and safe place for your employees and your customers is critical to your business. While you want to make sure you have the best New York Retail Store Insurance to cover you in the event of any emergencies, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to ensure your store safe for everyone.

Fire Hazards

An abundance of possible fire hazards can be found in retail stores from the exposed wires of light fixtures or computers to improper storage of chemicals in a back room. You should always ensure that employees are trained in fire safety procedures in the event that any fires do break out.

Air Quality

Many retail stores are located inside other buildings such as malls, and may not contain direct access to fresh outdoor air. To help avoid buildup of any bacteria, or fungus that can grow without proper circulation of fresh air, mechanical air systems should be installed and regularly inspected to make sure they are functioning properly.


While low lighting may create the desired atmosphere in your store, it can lead to accidents or injuries should an employee or customer not be able to see something on the floor that may cause them to trip. It is important that lighting allows for visibility throughout the front of the store and the backrooms.

Natural Disasters

Whether you are located in an earthquake zone and need to ensure shelving and products cannot fall if there is ground movement, or in a tornado zone where you may consider a safe basement in the event customers or employees cannot leave, you want to ensure that you are taking proper safety measures in the event of a natural disaster.


While a petite person may have the enthusiasm you are looking for, hiring them to lift heavy boxes for an entire shift may not be as ergonomically practical as hiring someone with a larger stature. Be sure to factor job requirements with capabilities when hiring to avoid injuries.

Employee Training

There are a variety of emergencies that can occur in a store that can be prevented or reduced in severity if your employees are trained on how to handle them. For example, having an employee regularly check the floors for any spills or items that are left lying about can help to prevent falls. You can also have employees take first-aid training, and keep first-aid supplies on hand in case of an emergency.

Making sure that you take safety precautions can help to prevent disasters from occurring in your store.

At A.J. Benet Inc. We know that the safety of your employees and customers is very important to you. Call us today for information on our policies and how they can help keep you covered. 888.639.4560


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