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Manhattan Pet Shop Insurance: Do You Offer Grooming Services?

Manhattan Pet Shop Insurance: Do You Offer Grooming Services? Manhattan Pet Shop Insurance: Do You Offer Grooming Services?

Pet grooming is an increasingly popular additional service offered by pet shops and distributers as a means of expanding their business and clientele. While there is a high potential of reward, adding a pet-salon service to your existing operation is no small endeavor. In fact, there are many additional risks involved when offering a grooming and other pet care services, for example the increased risk of employee injury.

Pet shop owners are well aware of the danger of working with animals, but often underestimate the increased dangers grooming can bring. Even the best efforts to avoid working with aggressive animals won’t always protect you and your employees from the possibility of being hurt or injured by an animal in your care. Many parts of the grooming process can increase anxiety, fear and aggression in animals with even the most pleasant temperaments. This is especially true when pets are being handled by unfamiliar hands. Anxiety and fear are the most common causes of animal bites, nips scratches and other acts of aggression against  handlers and groomers.

Some of the main triggers of animal aggression during the grooming process include:

  • Grooming equipment- Grooming experts frequently report that shavers, razors, dryers, brushes and other grooming tools and equipment are causes of anxiety among pets. Pets have been known to nip at the apparatuses and the groomers themselves out of fear for their safety and wellbeing.
  • Bathing- The simple act of bathing an animal can become stressful for both the groomer and the pet, especially because many animals are not comfortable around water. Being submerged in water is often not a familiar feeling for many pets and as such can cause stress and anxiety, and many begin to rebel against leads, harnesses, groomers or other animals in an attempt to escape from the situation.
  • Cleaning the Sensitive Spots- Some animals are unaccustomed to specific types of touching and handling from humans, especially in sensitive areas such as the face, head, paws,  and bum. Each animal will have different preferences about where they are comfortable being touched and handled, and no two animals will have the same handling preferences and needs. Unfortunately, part of the groomers responsibility is to access and clean those hard to reach places. Groomers should always exercise extra caution when handling sensitive areas. Groomers can also ask pet parents about their animal’s handling preferences and if there are any areas they should exercise extra caution.

When working with animals in all contexts it is always important to maintain a calm and gentile authority, especially while grooming. Doing so can help ease pets into the experience and offering positive reinforcement throughout the process is a tried and true technique to improve the grooming experience. Often groomers can use a muzzle and other harnesses, with pet owner consent, to avoid any mishaps around otherwise friendly well and mannered pets, but if the animal becomes to high of a risk it is often best to stop grooming and alert the owner of the situation.

It is also imperative that Manhattan pet shop owners review their business insurance portfolio when making any changes to their business model or practices in order to identify and new risk exposures or gaps in coverage. At A.J. Benet, we specialize in helping Manhattan small businesses find complete risk management and business insurance solutions. We offer a comprehensive New York pet distributors insurance programs designed to meet the unique needs of this specific industry sector. Our Manhattan pet shop insurance specialists can help tailor your policy to meet the specific needs of you operation now and as you grow and expand your services. Give us a call today at (888) 639-4560 to learn more about our Manhattan pet shop insurance programs and other offerings.

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