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Millburn Flood Insurance: Plans for Prevention

Millburn Flood Insurance: Plans for Prevention Millburn Flood Insurance Plans for Prevention

In the wake of Tropical Storm Irene and the narrow escape of March’s massive winter storm threat which hit Canada, the threat of flooding has become increasingly common for New Jersey.  Many residents are realizing the importance of Millburn flood insurance to protect their families and property in the increasingly dangerous conditions.

As a result of recent flooding in the Rahway River Basin caused by these brutal weather events, the U.S Army Corp is working with environmental groups to develop a responsible solution to protecting downstream communities. Their plans thus far have been met with numerous challenges regarding the environmental impact of the proposed solutions, many of which could adversely impact the South Mountain Reservation.

One such proposition has inspired the Save Our Reservation movement looking to dissuade government officials from adoption a plan they believe will have terrible effects on the reservation itself. The plan to build a massive, 75 foot tall and 810 feet across, dam would essentially submerge some 110 acres of the reservation land in the event of a major rainstorm instead of allowing flood waters to trickle into lower-lying developments. Opponents claim that the flooding caused by the dam would oversaturate the vegetation and end up killing much of the vegetation in the flood path, including countless amounts of trees. Alternatives to the dam are still being discussed and considered, including an idea to expand existing channels and create new outlets in the Orange Reservoir hoping to ease the burden on the Rahway River.

While developers are exploring their options, the threat of flooding is not going away. Don’t let your house go unprepared. At A.J. Benet we offer not only traditional Flood Insurance coverage but also extended coverage for high-value properties. Our policies are tailored to the needs of our New York and New Jersey clientele. Call us today at (888) 639-4560 for more information about how we can protect your assets.

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