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Tips To Maximizing Your New York Business On Yelp

Tips To Maximizing Your New York Business On YelpTips To Maximizing Your New York Business On Yelp

Yelp is a necessity for your local New York business. Over 78 million monthly users utilize Yelp to decide where to eat, what auto repair shop to take their car, what retailers should they go to for clothes, nearly everything. If you’ve been around a while, chances are your New York business already has a Yelp page- you just have no control over it.

Taking an active role in your Yelp presence can strengthen the positive reviews you’re already getting. You can also mitigate any negative feedback so it doesn’t adversely affect your business.

It’s simple to claim your Yelp business page- it only requires filling out a couple online forms and answering an automated confirmation phone call. Then you’ll have access to a multitude of tools to help you maximize and track the success of your page. Here are some more tips from Mashable on how to maximize your Yelp page.

Respond constructively to customer reviews. You have the ability to respond, either publicly or privately, to negative reviews. It allows a business owner a great opportunity to get constructive criticism, improve their business, and hopefully turn a dissatisfied customer around. For more information, Yelp has some tips for how to respond to reviews in their Support Center.

Make offers and announcements regularly. When you create an offer or announcement on Yelp, it appears in the offers and announcements directory for your city, as well as under your search result. Things such as offers are a great incentive to push new customers to your business.

Display Yelp badges on your website or blog. Yelp provides badges that you can embed on your business’s website or blog that show you’re on Yelp. It help keeps track of how many positive reviews you’ve had and shows customers that you are not only involved in the community but also have a fan base. Once your businesses is claimed, refer to your business.yelp.com dashboard for an embed code.

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