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NYC Restaurant Insurance: Navigating Health Inspections

NYC Restaurant Insurance: Navigating Health Inspections NYC Restaurant Insurance Navigating Health Inspections

As most NYC eateries know, The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYCHD) inspects the roughly 24,000 restaurants in New York City at least once each year. Inspections evaluate each restaurant’s compliance with the food safety regulations established by the New York City Health Code and Health Department. During an inspection, the Health Inspector calculates an establishment’s compliance score based on the number and types of violations observed. After the inspection the eatery is given a letter grade reflecting the quality of adherence to the Health Code standards.  Different violations reflect different levels of risk to the public’s health and safety. Major violations are considered an imminent public health danger and often require immediate correction and/or closure of a facility.

In some cases, a routine inspection can turn into a nightmare for restaurant owners and managers, when an establishment is not completely up to code. Some of the most common major health code violations include:

  • Certified Supervision and Documentation: NYC Health Code regulations require that every food service establishment employ a supervisor of food operations who holds a Health Department Food Protection Certificate obtained through the NYCHD. At least one supervisor with the required certification and training must be on duty and present at the establishment anytime the establishment is receiving, preparing, storing or serving food and when the establishment is open to the public. Food Protection Certification must always be present, visible and available for inspection at any given time.
  • Pests: Every facility serving, transporting, or preparing food goods should be free of rodents, roaches, flies, and other pests which could contaminate food goods and transmit illness. Avoid conditions which can create or foster pest proliferation. It is the responsibility of restaurant owners and managers to oversee that proper and lawful pest control practices are implemented, including compliance with all environmental impact regulations regarding safe pest management and pesticide usage.
  • Improper food preparation and storage: There are strict regulations concerning the proper food preparation, storage and holding practices which mandate everything from required practices and cooking temperatures to storage lengths of time and labeling.
  • Unclean surfaces and prep environments: Any surface which may come in contact with food or utensils must be properly cleaned, sanitized and maintained. Regular upkeep is vital to the success of any NYC eatery and could be the difference between passing a health inspection and closing up shop.

At A.J. Benet , we understand that whenever your business deals with food, there are a broad range of risks that you will likely encounter along the road to success. That’s why our business insurance programs can be fully tailored to fit the specific needs of NYC eateries. We offer a wide array of risk management solutions to help restaurant owners in New York manage their risks and assets. Our NYC restaurant insurance specialist can help craft a comprehensive business insurance program designed to provide the coverage you need should your facility experience anything from unexpected business interruption to a food contamination scare. To learn more about or unique approach to food service risk management, give out NYC restaurant insurance specialist a call today at (888) 639-4560.

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