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Boat Insurance - Manhattan & Westchester County, NY, Fairfield County, CT & New Jersey

 Whether docked in the marina in Stamford, garaged at your house in Rye, or cruising around the Long Island Sound, your boat needs its own special type of insurance. A.J. Benet, Inc. knows that not all boat owners and their requirements are the same. Some are sailors, some enjoy the hazy days of summer on a speedy motor-powered watercraft with family and friends, while others take to the coast to vacation or even live in their boats. That’s why our staff strives to learn your particular habits and help you find insurance that addresses your personal risks.

Basically, boat insurance covers your liability for injury or harm resulting from your boat or its use. It can also cover damage to your boat under certain circumstances, such as accidents, vandalism and damaging weather, depending on what policy you choose. Most policies pay for damage to the hull, sails, machinery, furnishings, certain on-board equipment, and even the boat trailer under some circumstances.

Additional coverage for personal property, fishing equipment, or injuries to you caused by an uninsured boater is available from some insurance companies, while some also offer salvage assistance, fuel-spill coverage, and medical payments. What you choose will depend on your boat, your risks, and your preferences. We can help you assess your needs and guide you through what will best suit you.

We also offer comprehensive Yacht insurance coverage for boats 27 feet or greater in length and up to $5 million in value.

It’s smooth sailing with our Yacht insurance coverage.

A.J. Benet’s insurance specialists would like the chance to help you evaluate your boating risks and needs. We provide insurance to boat owners from Manhattan to Westchester County in New York, Fairfield County in Connecticut, and New Jersey. We invite you to request a courtesy quote at your convenience by calling us at (888) 639-4560, emailing us, or returning the form on this page.