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Securing Your Boat During a Hurricane

Securing Your Boat During a HurricaneWhether you’re near the eye of the storm or not, understanding how to secure your boat in the event of a hurricane is imperative. Make sure you stay protected with a New York Boat Insurance policy and ensure your investment is hurricane-ready.

According to an article in Boating, here are a few tips to protect your boat from a hurricane.

  1. Staying afloat is essential. A storm-engineered floating dock system can survive category 4 hurricanes. Make sure you are in protected waters because you never know when mild rains can turn canals into rivers.
  1. Consider hurricane-rated dry storage facilities and other boatyards that will offer contracts to store your boats during the storm season.
  1. Make sure you to anticipate at least one cleat because piling or line will fall. Give each line a mate running in the same direction but attach them to different places on the boat and the dock. Set your anchor across the marina and pull the rode right with the windlass.
  1. Consider renting a trailer out or an empty warehouse big enough for your boats. This can save you money in damage from debris and other more serious damages. Get the boat close to a strong building and avoid trees, power poles and construction sites. Place blocks beneath the trailer frame and deflate tires.
  1. Avoid open anchorages because of hurricane holes.
  1. If you’re using a fixed lift, lower it two feet and tie the boat as if it were on a slip, then raise the lift and put tension on the lines. Secure boat on the lift.

At AJ Benet, we make sure that your New York Boat Insurance policy includes more than the simple general liability and product liability. Our policies extend to all types of boat owners and covers injury, harm or damage. Our team of experts are willing to go the extra mile and not only protect your boat, but understand it. For more information, call us today at 888.639.4560.

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