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How to Settle Landlord Disputes Without Filing a Claim

How to Settle Landlord Disputes Without Filing a ClaimNo one wants to have conflict with their landlords. Sometimes disputes are avoidable, but other times they are inevitable. If there is a dispute already in the works, know that filing a claim isn’t always necessary. Renters Insurance is there as an additional line of defense to protect you and your property, but keep your mind at ease by familiarizing yourself on how to settle a dispute without court intervention.

Know the Law

First and foremost, by knowing your state’s renting laws you may be able to completely avoid a dispute before it even begins. This is a necessary subject to be educated in as a tenant, as it allows you to try to take matters into your own hands and find a solution yourself before taking it to a higher level. It is common for issues to arise due to one side honestly not knowing that they have broken an agreement or being unsure of certain rights. This simple tactic will help you dodge problems that didn’t have to be there in the first place. Be fair to yourself and your landlord by learning renting laws and adequately staying up on law changes; it will help you both out.

Remain Calm and Collected

If issues do arise, be sure to keep your cool. Remain calm and collected so things don’t get out of hand, and you’ll be able to handle the situation in a logical manner. If your landlord is not cooperating and is being too difficult, you may end up needing to seek legal assistance. However, always try to handle situations in a civilized fashion between you and your landlord first. Determine the scope of the problem to have a clear understanding on the severity of the issue at hand. You never want to make a problem bigger than it has to be. It’s always a good idea to try to keep a positive tenant-landlord relationship if possible.

Meet with Them

Arrange a meeting in a neutral territory to speak with your landlord in person. That face-to-face interaction could reinforce a positive relationship and provide a clearer understanding of the issues at hand from both perspectives. Remain open-minded and listen to their views while also explaining your points. When both sides feel heard, it is more likely to lead to a solution. In an undemanding manner, make sure your landlord thoroughly understands what you seek to be resolved and that you will be following up for results, and listen respectfully to his or her side of the story as well. If you have tried this and the meeting was unsuccessful, you may want to have a professional third-party mediator assist you.

Write a Letter

Documenting your problems may help you out in the long scheme of things.  It is smart to have things in writing for future reference, especially if the situation does escalate to the point of legal action. You may want to include a reasonable deadline in the letter that you expect issues to be resolved by. By doing this it is obvious the landlord is at least aware there are still occurrences that you’re not comfortable with and knows where you stand on the matter.

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