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Small Business Essentials: Conflict Resolution

Small Business Essentials: Conflict ResolutionThe diverse demographics that make up today’s workforce are bound to not see eye to eye on everything. However, failing to address conflict head on only leads to decreased morale, efficiency and productivity. Rather than ignore the issue, here is how you can resolve conflict within your small business and promote a fair and pleasant working environment. Next, secure your entire operation and minimize liability with a New York EPLI policy.

Get to the root of the issue.

If you have big conflicts in your workplace, it’s likely caused by a bunch of smaller issues that have been piling up over time. This key is to speak with your team and determine what the root cause of the conflict is, and be receptive to feedback regarding discrimination, unfair treatment, or someone not pulling their weight.

Take emotion out of the equation.

It’s not uncommon for tempers to flair, but do your best to take emotion out and focus on the facts. It’s also wise to give the benefit of the doubt to whoever is responsible for starting the conflict. It likely wasn’t done with negative intentions, so be sure to focus on solving the issue rather than placing blame.

Give perspective.

People are more reasonable in their reaction if they are given a more complete picture or fuller context, describing the conditions that led to the situation and why the activity (or lack of activity) caused conflict, explains Small Business Trends.

Think before you speak.

As a leader, it’s your duty to portray the behavior you want your employees to emulate. Think about what you want to say rather than responding on impulse. This is a time where people are on edge and likely frustrated, and you don’t want to make matters worse. Work collaboratively to find a resolution and move forward. Once the solution is identified, remind your employees that you want to start on anew.

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