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Mamaroneck Flood Insurance: How to Prepare for a Flood

Mamaroneck Flood Insurance: How to Prepare for a Flood When you live in areas like New York, you are frequently exposed to natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. Although many are not as devastating as some, it is always beneficial to be prepared. Part of that includes investing in Mamaroneck Flood Insurance. Call us today for a free quote. (888) 639-4560 Earlier this year, the Huff Post addressed Westchester County’s (New York metro) vulnerability to severe flood disasters. New Jersey based non-profit news and research organization, Climate Central, states that there are several factors that contribute to Westchester County’s susceptibility to flood. As sea levels are rising and New York’s susceptibility to flood have increased dramatically, global warming has tripled the chance of New York state’s exposure to an extreme flood disaster. Fortunately, this knowledge has spread all over the globe and has motivated individuals and groups to create flood control plans. Here are several tips on how to prepare for floods in Mamaroneck Flood Insurance Tip #1 – Be knowledgeable and do some research. There are several websites that estimate your region’s susceptibility to floods. Websites like, Surging Seas, calculate your zip code’s flood risk through its sea level rise, storm surge, and tide. Flood Insurance Tip #2 – Prepare an emergency plan. Most communities have already devised fixed emergency plans, warnings signals, and evacuation routes—take advantage and learn it. Take this a step further and practice a flood evacuation route with your family. Flood Insurance Tip #3 – Create an emergency supply bag.  The essential things to store in this bag are non-perishable food, can opener, first aid kit, prescription medicines, blankets, large containers of water, extra clothes, and sturdy shoes. Flood Insurance Tip #2 – Identify potential hazards in and around your home. Learn how to secure and protect them in the event that a flood does occur. You may even want to have an electrician raise any circuit breakers, switches, and socket. As your insurance agent, we will consult federal flood maps to find your flood zone, which will affect the cost of your insurance, the type of coverage you need, and the limits of coverage for areas of your home that lie below the lowest elevated floor, such as basements and crawlspaces. Since 1964, A.J. Benet has provided Mamaroneck flood insurance to residents in…
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