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Mamaroneck Car Insurance: Should You Purchase A Diesel Fueled Car?

Mamaroneck Car Insurance: Should You Purchase A Diesel Fueled Car? Fuel efficiency is one of many pressing issues for potential car buyers. With today’s market, there are plenty of hybrid and electric car options for consumers to choose from. Both are viable options for superior mileage, but there is another fuel efficient option to consider. The diesel fueled car. Diesel fueled engines have been around since the early 1900’s but it is rare to find them in the consumer auto market. They are considered less eco-friendly, more expensive and noisier than their gasoline counterparts. Because of these difficulties, car manufacturers were less inclined to develop diesel based consumer cars. However, with improved catalytic converters and ULSD (ultra-low sulfur diesel), diesel motor technology has improved dramatically over time. The main advantage in having a diesel fueled car over a traditional gasoline vehicle is achieving better mileage. They require less fuel to provide ignition than a gasoline engine does which is why they are able to achieve superior efficiency and mileage. Another advantage is that diesel motors are engineered to be sturdier than gasoline engines. Because diesel combustion is more strenuous on the system than spark ignition, diesel engines use higher quality and tougher components. By being more solidly built, parts are less likely to be serviced which leads to a higher resale value down the road. Hybrids and electric cars have gotten the lion’s share of attention for consumers looking for fuel efficient vehicles. However, with diesel engine technology advancements, it is nice to have another option when shopping for a high mileage vehicle. Either way, no matter which vehicle you choose, we here at A.J. Benet understand how important proper Mamaroneck Car Insurance is towards protecting your vehicle. Our specialists are ready to answer any questions related to insuring your vehicle whether it be gasoline, electric, diesel or anything in between. Contact us today for more information about our Mamaroneck Car Insurance policies at (888) 639-4560.

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What You Need to Know About Westchester County Yacht Insurance

What You Need to Know About Westchester County Yacht Insurance While it may still be a crisp 40 degrees here in Mamaroneck, nonetheless it’s spring! With the promise of warmer weather, it’s time to start thinking about your sunny vacation plans. Boat sales have risen ten percent this year, in the first significant boost since the recession, and yachts are a large part of that picture. But owning a yacht also exposes you to some unique exposures. Here are some tips to watch out for to make sure you have the proper coverage for your vessel. Consequential damage. This applies when a yacht is disabled due to engine failure and suffers resulting hull damage. Although it is covered in most policies as a result of a storm or other event, it may not be if it is a “consequence” of mechanical failure. Parts Depreciation. As your boat ages, the parts can lose value, and most insurers will cover only the depreciated value of the part, not the full cost of replacing it. Navigation zone restrictions. Where you are, or where you plan on boating could affect your policy. Many policies are written based on navigation zones. They may be as narrow as the Florida Keys. And it may mean that a boater insured for the Bay Area in California may not be covered for damage that occurs in Mexico’s Pacific coast. So, as a boater, it is wise to check out any geographic limitations ahead of time. Experience. Of course, as a boat owner, experience always matters. Where you travel, how many years you’ve been boating for, and your type of boat can all affect your Westchester County Yacht Insurance policy. Whether you are docked in the marina at Stamford, garaged at your house in Rye, or cruising the Long Island Sound, your boat needs its own special type of insurance. A.J. Benet, Inc. knows that not all boat owners and their requirements are the same. Our staff strives to learn your particular habits and help you find insurance that addresses your personal risks. Contact us today for more information about our Westchester County Yacht Insurance coverage. Source: P&C 360

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Fine Jewelry Insurance: Make Sure You’re Covered

Fine Jewelry Insurance: Make Sure You’re Covered Your jewelry collection is extremely precious to you. Whether you’ve amassed a family collection of heirlooms or some personal, highly valued gifts, you want to make sure you are protected. But misunderstandings of what exactly is covered in a homeowner’s policy could leave you high and dry if your jewelry is lost or stolen. At the essence of an issue is often a communication divide. There is a common disparity between perceived value and the actual value. An owner might have sentimental value, or overinflate the value of their jewelry, and have an estimate that conflicts with an expert opinion. Or, they might assume it is covered under their homeowner’s insurance when it really is much more valuable than that. Most homeowner’s policies do cover jewelry items. However, when the actual loss of an entire jewelry collection does occur, it is extremely rare that the owner receives a settlement that comes close to the true value of the missing items. To avoid that position, homeowners must have a firm understanding of the exact value of their possessions and base their insurance coverage accordingly. If you have a high end jewelry collection, you want to take the time to make sure every item is covered and properly insured for its current value. The key is documenting in detail, comprehensive information on each piece you own. Many jewelry appraisals conducted at local stoops- and their certificate of authority relies on simple sales techniques that may not adequately assess the value of a piece. It is essential that the value may have changed over time. The price of gold has increased significantly in the past 20 years; if you have an antique piece of gold jewelry; it is most likely worth significantly more today. High-value items need better protection than a standard homeowner’s policy. A.J. Benet offers sound, well-priced coverage for these valuable items either with a floater added onto your Westchester homeowners insurance policy or a stand-along policy . Contact us today for more information (888) 639-4560

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Home Insurance: Protect Your Home While Your Away for the Holidays

Home Insurance Protect Your Home While Your Away for the Holidays Whether you’re flying across the country or driving down the street, the holidays is one of the busiest travel times of the year. You’re focused on herding the kids, gifts, and family dog in the car, making sure no one and nothing is left behind. But what about your home?  Thieves are opportunists- they will break into homes left vulnerable and unattended. Take a moment to beef up your home’s security while you away. Just a few simple tricks can help put your mind at ease. Put interior and exterior lights on timers/motion sensors. Set the timers on staggered hours to turn lights on and off at different times. Install tapered deadbolt locks on entry doors. The taper makes it extremely difficult to use a wrench or other tool to twist the lock open. Get someone to maintain your property by removing snow or mowing the lawn. Suspend the mail service and newspaper delivery, or ask a neighbor or trusted friend to pick it up for you. Newspapers lying in the driveway is a surefire indicator that no one is home. Install a monitored security system. Inform the local police department that your house will be empty. Ask a neighbor or friend to watch your house for you and check on it every so often. If possible, getting someone to house sit would also be a great option. The experts at A.J. Benet know how hard you work to protect your family year long. A package policy allows you to take advantage of benefits by consolidating multiple policies, such as  home insurance, with one insurance company. A.J. Benet offers Westchester County Home Insurance policies from top-tier insurance companies that are designed to insure your liability risks and property under one master program, helping to mitigate the problems you can encounter when you have multiple policies with different insurers. Contact us today for more information. Source: Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety

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New York News: Class Divisions & A Golf Course

New York News: Class Divisions & A Golf Course The State of New York has given New York City 97 million dollars to develop a public 18-hole golf course on the newly re-constructed Perry Point Park. The park sits in the poorest borough of New York City, the Bronx. Many residents have voiced their perspectives and concern, such as the incomprehensible spending and the potentials risks of methane gas exposure. The construction of the golf course at Ferry Point Park is the most reprehensible symbol of class division and money distribution. Although the economically thriving state of New York still holds a large percentage of the nation’s top earners, the Bronx couldn’t be any more different. While Manhattan’s average household income between 2002 and 2010 has grown by $29,000, the Bronx has hardly bounced back from the recession and has only increased by $8,000.  According to the poverty results taken in 2009 by city-data.com, 34.4% of those who reside in the Bronx have an income below the poverty level. This is 16.2% more than the nation’s poverty level. In the United States Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, 1 in 5 households (1.8 million residents) in New York rely on food stamps. Their economy is still at the climax of the recession; home ownership has declined, housing values have plummeted, and fewer individuals carry health insurance. This poses an essential question; is spending 97 million dollars and turning over acres of land to build a golf course a feasible and efficient use of the city’s resources. In addition, the Ferry Point Golf Course will sit on a landfill that closed down in 1963 and has since been holding high levels of explosive methane gas. Although New York City has installed wells to measure and track the explosive level, residents are still righteously concerned that they are breathing lethal gas. While many residents are against the construction of another Trump National and International Golf Club, there many advocate for the construction. The Mayor’s administration has emphasized the history of golf as a past time. They stated that despite the decline in the use of golf courses, the Ferry Point neighbors expressed their overwhelming desire for a golf course in 1977. The administration argues that golf has been an important pastime for Americans for the past half of a century. Other park advocates…
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New York Renters Insurance: How to Rent New York City

New York Renters Insurance: How to Rent New York City   For years New York City has been considered the city where dreams come true. Despite the city’s expensive cost of living, individuals all around the United States migrated to its concrete jungles in hopes of pursuing aspirations they didn’t believe were attainable.  New York City was and is still one of the most expensive cities to live in. While the country is still in an economic depression, New York City has jumped back up a few years ago. In fact, NYC was only significantly affected in 2009 when the rent decreased 10%-12%. Due to the job market’s growth, rent is even more expensive than before the recession. The city’s developers and architects simply cannot meet the demand. Unlike the rest of the United States, the vacancy rate is at a low 1% and rent prices have increased significantly due to this demand. Although landlords may be happy to see such a high demand for housing, current and prospective renters are worried that their money is not enough to afford any housing in New York City. While many have found more cost efficient alternatives such as moving to nearby New Jersey cities where a short train ride can get them to their job in the city, many renters still desire that ideal New York City lifestyle. But how much can your money get you in a city that never stops growing? This post is provided by AJ Benet New York Renters Insurance. Call us today for a free quote – (888) 639-4560 Citi-habits.com has computed an analytic market report of how much your money can get you in 2012. If you are not able to afford anything above $2000, your options include a studio in the locations of Harlem, Lower East Side, Morningside Heights, Upper East Side, and Washington Heights. If you would like to spend $2000-2600, you are able to afford a studio in Chelsea, East Village, the Gramercy/Flatiron, Midtown East, Midtown West, Murray Hill, Soho/Tribeca, Upper West Side, Wall Street/Battery Park, and the West Village. However you are also able to afford one bedroom in the Lower East Side, Morningside Heights, and the Upper East Side, as well as a two bedroom in Harlem and Washington Heights. The majority of the one bedrooms range from $2700-$3600, the two bedrooms range from $3500-$6500, and the three…
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Rules of the Road: Tips for Safe Teen Driving

Rules of the Road: Tips for Safe Teen Driving A driver’s license is a rite of passage for many teens…and a source of severe anxiety for many parents. The best thing a parent can do is to prepare their teen ahead of time, both with extensive practice and knowledge of the road. Once they are on their own, you can release them safely into independent driving by implementing a few basic Safe Teen Driving rules: Safe Teen Driving Tip #1 – Limit passengers. Teens are less likely to crash when they are driving alone or with an adult. Set limits on how and when your child can ride with or transport other teenagers (many states have already implement restrictions). Safe Teen Driving Tip #2 – Drive during the day. At night, it’s harder to see and more difficult to judge distance and speed. Spend a lot of time practicing nighttime driving with your teen. Make sure they follow the state curfew, and you may want to limit night driving altogether before they amass the experience to drive comfortably and safely alone. Safe Teen Driving Tip #3 – Limit technology. This used to be as simple as “don’t touch the radio.” Now, however with advanced auto technology and smartphones, teens can theoretically text, call, check email, fiddle with the GPS, check Facebook, and use the infotainment system all while behind the wheel. And, despite laws, research shows that texting and talking while driving is still widespread. Remind your teen to pull over if they need to make a call or text. While the above recommendations may not be popular, as a parent or guardian they will give you peace of mind and help your teen stay safe on the road. A.J. Benet has helped guide our customers through life’s milestones, including helping to insure young drivers on their auto policies. What’s more, we have developed a New Driver Contract, designed to help teens realize and accept the newfound responsibilities that come with driving. Providing Mamaroneck Auto Insurance for drivers from New York City to Westchester County and nearby Connecticut and New Jersey with persona car insurance plans to protect your teen against unforeseen damages and injuries. Contact us today for more information about our New York Teen Auto Insurance programs Source: NHTSA

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Mamaroneck Auto Insurance: How to Help Prevent Parking Lot Accidents

Mamaroneck Auto Insurance: Prevent Parking Lot Accidents You know the drill. As summer months wind to a close, and the kids head back to school that also means the Mamaroneck holiday rush around is close to beginning. The fall and Halloween decorations are out; it’s followed closely by Thanksgiving, and before you know it the full holiday cycle is in swing. This post is provided by A.J. Benet’s Mamaroneck Auto Insurance programs. Call us today for a free quote. (888) 639-4560 With the festivities, this also means that the malls, outlets, and grocery stores will be severely overcrowded.  During the holidays, the frequency of parking lot accidents increases by approximately 20 percent according to a study by a national insurer. To help protect  your car from dings and dents, follow these parking lot tips: Watch your speed. It is easier to avoid potential accidents if you have time to brake. You can avoid cars that are speeding, cut in front of you, or that pull out unexpectedly from their parking space. Check your mirrors…twice. Use your eyes and mirrors to make sure that you have a clear path before backing out (or pulling in) front of a space. Take the scenic route. Park your vehicle farther from store entrances. It is generally less crowded, and  your car is less likely to get dings or scratches on it. Despite your best efforts, if you do happen to get into a parking accident, report it to the police and your insurer immediately. Even if it seems minor, reporting it makes sure you’re protected in case the other party doesn’t have insurance or files a claim. Whether crossing the George Washington Bridge, driving home on the Hutch or making your way up Interstate 684, Alan J. Benet, Inc. provides Mamaroneck Auto Insurance for drivers from New York City to Westchester County and nearby Connecticut and New Jersey with personal Mamaroneck Auto Insurance plans to protect against unforeseen damages and injuries. Contact us today for more information about our Mamaroneck Auto Insurance Alternative Source: Fatalities & Injuries in Motor Vehicle Backing Crashes

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New York Business Insurance: Pinterest for Business

New York Business Insurance: Pinterest for Business   At first glance, Pinterest appears to be a niche social media site dedicated towards a female population where weddings, recipes, cute puppies and fashion abound. But more and more, the power of Pinterest is emerging as a marketing tool for all businesses. Pinterest for Business is brought to you by AJ Benet Business Insurance. Pinterest is the fastest growing social site. According to Mashable, it hit 10 million monthly visits faster than any standalone site ever. And it’s popularity is only growing. Pinterest for Business Tip #1 – What to pin. It is essential to strike a balance between promotional items and general interest pins. Customers don’t log on to Pinterest to be bombarded by advertisements and obvious product placements from the company. Find the balance. Definitely post images of your product, but temper that by showing your company’s unique culture. Post photos of your workplace culture and employees. Interesting infographics that pertain to your industry are great. And cool blog posts or resources you find interesting. Videos can be pinned to Pinterest as well, and even customer testimonials. Pinterest for Business Tip #2 – Image Optimization tips. Pin your own unique images. Over 80% of pins on Pinterest are repins- you can gain significant exposure by posting your own images. When you upload them, make sure to use target keywords in filenames and individual pin descriptions. Pinterest is an entirely visual site- make sure to pin quality photos with great visual appeal. General Electric, Whole Foods, and Time Magazine are examples of business with a strong presence on Pinterest. Here is the bottom line. Your business uploads quality, visual pins, users connect to you and your content, and you drive traffic to your website. A.J. Benet provides New York business insurance from Manhattan to Westchester County, Fairfield, CT, and New Jersey. Contact us today for more information about Business Insurance. 

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A Practical Guide to New York Driving

A Practical Guide to New York Driving Car accidents are one of the leading cause of death in the New York.  Take a moment to read, A Practical Guide to New York driving. These safety tips by the American Medical Association to help keep you and other drivers safe on the road. Drive with care. Plan your trips ahead of time when possible. Try to avoid heavy traffic and decide what time to leave, and what roads to take. Always wear your safety belt and drive at the speed limit. Take care of your car. Make sure you always have plenty of gas in your car, and make sure you tune it up regularly. Keep your windshields and mirrors clean and replace your windshield wiper blades when they become worn out. Know where you can find a ride. There may be a time where you don’t have access to a vehicle. Have some alternatives planned so you don’t find yourself stranded. Your alternative transportation plan could include rides from friends and family, taxis, bus or train, or a shuttle. Take a driver safety class. The best way to avoid driving hazards is preparation. Driving safety classes can teach you skills to use when you are on the road to make sure you and your passengers arrive safely at your destination. Drive distraction free. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that drivers are distracted by secondary activities 30% of the time while driving. These distractions can include everything from eating, smoking, talking, drinking, or fiddling with electronics in the car. The NHTSA estimates that 80 percent of crashes involve some form of driver distraction that reduces driver safety. Being aware of these distractions, and avoiding them while on the road can help diminish your risk. No matter your New York driving experience, you and your vehicles deserve quality New York Auto Insurance coverage from a responsive, community-based agency that always goes beyond just the policy. We invite you to request a courtesy quote by calling (888) 639-4560. A.J. Benet has been serving residents in the New York and surrounding area since 1964.

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