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Flood Insurance Facts of New York

Flood Insurance Facts of New York Flood insurance is an essential component to ensuring your home and business is protected. However, flood insurance does not come standard in most homeowners policies, a fact many are unaware of until it is too late. Flood insurance remains a somewhat murky concept. How much flood protection insurance do I need? Do I really need it if I don’t live in a flood-prone area? Does my homeowner’s insurance cover any part? Here are some facts about flood insurance that you made not have known: There is no such thing as a flood-free zone. Some low-lying areas, near water, or downstream near a damn are at a higher risk- FEMA updates flood maps periodically identifying low, moderate, and high risk flood areas. In a high risk area, your home is more than twice as likely to be damaged by flood than by fire. Even low-risk areas account for 20 percent of NFIP claims, and receive one-third of disaster assistance. Even a small amount of water can be a serious disaster. According to the Flood Cost Calculator Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood damage. It takes 30 days after purchase for a policy to take effect, so it is important to buy it sooner rather than later. The average annual U.S. flood losses in the past 10 years were over 2.9 billion. Two feet of water is enough to float a vehicle. New land development can increase flood risk, especially if the construction alters natural runoff paths. Over 5.5 million people currently hold flood insurance policies across the United States. In the event of a flood, there are numerous resources in New York that can aid you, in providing information and updates. The New York City Office of Emergency Management has a list of government organizations, including federal, state, and local, that help residents with flood related issues, ranging from temporary homes for displaced residents to general information. The Tri-State region has seen a significant increase in flooding. Flood and Excess Flood insurance is a crucial component of your insurance package to make sure you and your family are protected. At A.J. Benet, we have the expertise to help you secure a comprehensive Westchester County flood insurance plan. Depending on your needs and your home’s value, we will determine how much coverage you need…
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Mamaroneck Auto Insurance: How to Help Prevent Parking Lot Accidents

Mamaroneck Auto Insurance: Prevent Parking Lot Accidents You know the drill. As summer months wind to a close, and the kids head back to school that also means the Mamaroneck holiday rush around is close to beginning. The fall and Halloween decorations are out; it’s followed closely by Thanksgiving, and before you know it the full holiday cycle is in swing. This post is provided by A.J. Benet’s Mamaroneck Auto Insurance programs. Call us today for a free quote. (888) 639-4560 With the festivities, this also means that the malls, outlets, and grocery stores will be severely overcrowded.  During the holidays, the frequency of parking lot accidents increases by approximately 20 percent according to a study by a national insurer. To help protect  your car from dings and dents, follow these parking lot tips: Watch your speed. It is easier to avoid potential accidents if you have time to brake. You can avoid cars that are speeding, cut in front of you, or that pull out unexpectedly from their parking space. Check your mirrors…twice. Use your eyes and mirrors to make sure that you have a clear path before backing out (or pulling in) front of a space. Take the scenic route. Park your vehicle farther from store entrances. It is generally less crowded, and  your car is less likely to get dings or scratches on it. Despite your best efforts, if you do happen to get into a parking accident, report it to the police and your insurer immediately. Even if it seems minor, reporting it makes sure you’re protected in case the other party doesn’t have insurance or files a claim. Whether crossing the George Washington Bridge, driving home on the Hutch or making your way up Interstate 684, Alan J. Benet, Inc. provides Mamaroneck Auto Insurance for drivers from New York City to Westchester County and nearby Connecticut and New Jersey with personal Mamaroneck Auto Insurance plans to protect against unforeseen damages and injuries. Contact us today for more information about our Mamaroneck Auto Insurance Alternative Source: Fatalities & Injuries in Motor Vehicle Backing Crashes

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