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Why Should You Insure Your Spring Fundraiser?

There are many different types of fundraisers, for a myriad of different noble pursuits. Fundraising events are a means by which non-profit and for-profit organizations can obtain money to operate or extra funds for a specific pursuit. While fundraisers can take a number of forms, they all face many of the same inherent risks. Whether you are throwing a spring gala event or organizing a local bake sale, it would be unfortunate to leave the event vulnerable to legal claims of injury or loss from others. Luckily, organizations can protect themselves against such claims by buying NY fundraiser event insurance. A strong fundraiser insurance policy will provide the accident and liability insurance that your event will require. A seasoned Manhattan insurance agency will be able to help you determine your event and operation’s exactly needs based on your fundraising goals, the type of activity you plan to hold, your participants and the requirements placed on you by your host site. Single event insurance is usually quite affordable, and it can cover your organization’s liability for a range of risks, including property damage and injuries. Should a guest be injured during the event and claim that your operation is at fault, this coverage would protect not only the raised funds but your operation’s assets as well by providing coverage for any legal complications that may arise. At A.J. Benet we can help you protect your fundraising events so that you can focus on raising the funds you need. We specialize in working with non-profit organizations, religious organizations, and a number of other specialty industries throughout the New York area. To learn more about our operation, contact us today at (888) 639-4560.

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Manhattan Retail Insurance: Let the Holiday Sales Begin

Manhattan Retail Insurance: Let the Holiday Sales Begin  The holiday season is rapidly approaching and you may have already heard the faint tinkle of Jingle-Bells in the air. For many retailers, the holiday shopping season is an exciting yet somewhat stressful time, especially with competition for sales and patrons increasing each year. While the “official” start of the holiday shopping season has traditionally been marked by “Black Friday”, the Friday following Thanksgiving, in recent years some of America’s largest retailers have begun opening their doors and slashing their prices in hopes of enticing shoppers to venture out earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving Day. The trend has been met with a mixture of enthusiasm and scorn from critics and consumers, and this year some retail giants are drawing a line in the sand against Thanksgiving Day shopping. According to a myriad of reports, some of America’s top retailers are bucking expectations and refusing to open on Thanksgiving Day, or evening. The list includes warehouse powerhouses like Coscto, BJ’s, and Sam’s Club, along with home improvement brands Home Depot and Lowe’s and specialty shops like DSW, GameStop and PetCo. Even some department stores and discount chains such as Nordstroms, Marshall’s and T.J.Max are forgoing Thanksgiving Day sales, despite heavy competition and pressure from their competitors. Many retailers that are choosing to forgo the Turkey Day shopping trend are using the opportunity to show their dedication to their employees and reaffirm their corporate ethos. In this case, pushing-back against the trend has been met with increasing amounts of support. In turn, the retailers have seen public enthusiasm and an overall increase in public perception. That’s not to say that those retailers who are choosing to open their doors on Thanksgiving Day are seeing any negative repercussions. In fact, many operations anticipate record-level profits and sales in the forty-eight hour retail-a-thon hours between the 27th and 28th of November. Is your Manhattan retail operation looking to host Black Friday deals and holiday sales in person or online this season? If so, there are a few extra risk exposures your operation may face pertaining to losses from property damage, theft, and even cyber liability issues. At A.J. Benet, we specialize in helping New York retailers protect themselves from risks and losses. Our Manhattan retail insurance specialists will meet with you personally to review your current…
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Manhattan Pet Shop Insurance: Do You Offer Grooming Services?

Manhattan Pet Shop Insurance: Do You Offer Grooming Services?  Pet grooming is an increasingly popular additional service offered by pet shops and distributers as a means of expanding their business and clientele. While there is a high potential of reward, adding a pet-salon service to your existing operation is no small endeavor. In fact, there are many additional risks involved when offering a grooming and other pet care services, for example the increased risk of employee injury. Pet shop owners are well aware of the danger of working with animals, but often underestimate the increased dangers grooming can bring. Even the best efforts to avoid working with aggressive animals won’t always protect you and your employees from the possibility of being hurt or injured by an animal in your care. Many parts of the grooming process can increase anxiety, fear and aggression in animals with even the most pleasant temperaments. This is especially true when pets are being handled by unfamiliar hands. Anxiety and fear are the most common causes of animal bites, nips scratches and other acts of aggression against  handlers and groomers. Some of the main triggers of animal aggression during the grooming process include: Grooming equipment- Grooming experts frequently report that shavers, razors, dryers, brushes and other grooming tools and equipment are causes of anxiety among pets. Pets have been known to nip at the apparatuses and the groomers themselves out of fear for their safety and wellbeing. Bathing- The simple act of bathing an animal can become stressful for both the groomer and the pet, especially because many animals are not comfortable around water. Being submerged in water is often not a familiar feeling for many pets and as such can cause stress and anxiety, and many begin to rebel against leads, harnesses, groomers or other animals in an attempt to escape from the situation. Cleaning the Sensitive Spots- Some animals are unaccustomed to specific types of touching and handling from humans, especially in sensitive areas such as the face, head, paws,  and bum. Each animal will have different preferences about where they are comfortable being touched and handled, and no two animals will have the same handling preferences and needs. Unfortunately, part of the groomers responsibility is to access and clean those hard to reach places. Groomers should always exercise extra caution when handling sensitive…
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Manhattan Photography Insurance: Protecting Your Business Gear

Manhattan Photography Insurance: Protecting Your Business Gear  It’s no secret that digital technology has revolutionized the realm of photography. From new image formats to digital darkroom capabilities, modern photographers are not only expected to be masters of light and timing, but also technology wizards. Modern photographers use high definition cameras, super powered laptops and high quality printers to deliver their goods and services. While photo-editing software and digital cameras have propelled photography to new heights, new technology can be a big expense for professionals. Cameras, extra memory, lenses, printers, image processing software, light kits and back drops are just a few of the most essential equipment pieces a photographers need, especially in the digital era. In fact, one of the largest business expenses a photography professionals encounter are some of the most essential tools of the trade. Professional photographers use a tone of gear. In fact, their livelihood is largely reliant upon the functionality of their equipment and technology. When dealing with large amounts of business equipment and technology, a lot can go wrong. It is highly important that professional photographers protect themselves and their equipment as replacements and repairs don’t come cheap. Industry professionals claim that proper cleaning and maintenance can help improve the longevity of your cameras, lenses, filters and other equipment. Dust, dirt or and other particulates on a lens or filter can interfere with your image by producing flare or blurring in your shots. Dust and dirt can also interfere with the sensor or and other mechanical components, which can ultimately cause serious problems. Gently and thoroughly cleaning all physical components can help remove hazardous particulates and increase the longevity of your gear. Even tripods, stands, packs and other equipment should be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis to ensure that they are free of dirt, crumbs, rust, grime and other functional and esthetic menaces. At AJ Benet, we take into account the mobility, gear, professional responsibility and many other factors that contribute to the unique risk exposures photography professionals face in the course of their work. That’s why our comprehensive Manhattan Photography Insurance is specifically designed to protect professional photographers and videographers from all the risks involved with being a photography professional. Our policies as fully customizable to fit the needs of your operation and can include everything from commercial property insurance to liability insurance….
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Westchester County Private Client Services: High Net Worth Insurance

Westchester County Private Client Services: High Net Worth Insurance Most individuals who own a business, home or car carries an accompanying insurance policy. Hours of rifling through Google’s endless page results, contacting prospective insurers; it’s a long, arduous process that typically ends in purchasing an “x” amount of coverage for a “y” amount in premiums that are feasible for you, your assets and your finances. So, this takes us to a couple questions; why are high net worth (HNW) individuals purchasing insurance policies conducive for average salary individuals with an average amount of assets? And why aren’t these policies being written by insurance companies that specialize in high net worth insurance? According to Accenture, North America’s HNW population has risen 8.6 percent in 2010, after rising 16.6 percent in 2009. With a continual increase of wealthy individuals, it’s presumed that HNW niche insurance companies are being flooded with elite clientele vying for their services. But according to Property Casualty 360, this is not the case. Moreover, over 80 percent of HNW individuals do not carry coverage written by these niche companies. This means that over 80 percent carry an inadequate amount of coverage. Investing in protecting your valuable assets is just as important as deciphering which fine art collection or antique car is worthwhile. Right now is a fitting time to educate the HNW population that niche companies have (1) unique solutions for their particular needs and (2) private client services in mitigating their specialized risks. AJ Benet Insurance Private Client Services serves HNW individuals in Manhattan & Westchester County, NY, Fairfield County, CT & New Jersey Along with your beautiful home and appointed furnishings, you most likely have high-valued items including fine art collections that require special insurance coverage. You may have paintings and sculptures – artwork you’ve collected over time – whose value goes well beyond what a homeowners policycan provide. At A.J. Benet, we offer our clients within our Private Client Services division, insurance to cover fine art collections as part of our suite of products. This coverage can be either an addition to your homeowners insurance or issued as a separate policy to cover items such as paintings, sculptures, antique furniture, collectibles and much more. Trust AJ Benet with your Fine Art Collections Insurance

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The Importance of Westchester County Private Client Services

The Importance of Westchester County Private Client Services Lets suppose your net worth is $50 million. You have a luxurious lifestyle that includes spending summers in your Hamptons vacation home and the rest of the year traveling between your Manhattan and Westchester home. A major hurricane destroys much of the state, including your Manhattan and Hampton home. The replacement cost of both of homes is an estimated $4 million, but you only have $1.5 million coverage– what would you do? It may be obvious to many that it’s necessary for affluent individuals and families to purchase additional insurance coverage. However, this is not the reality. High net worth individuals are underestimating their risks and the cost of a liability claim. As an affluent individual, it’s essential to purchase additional insurance coverage that standard policies can’t provide. This often comes in the form of the following policies (includes but not limited to) excess liability, high-value umbrella, employee practices liability insurance (EPLI), errors & omissions, workers comp, high value homeowners, yacht/watercraft, classic/antique/collector auto, trustee liability, and more. Why? Higher income individuals and families are different from standard income individuals. Aside from the fact that they earn a significant amount of money greater than the average person, they are exposed to risks that are uncommon to most. But to affluent individuals, these risks can cause irreparable damage to his/her finances and reputation. Common risks include: Heavy reliance on staff and advisors Communication (libel and slander Directors  & Officers More assets to protect (jewelry, collector cars, yachts, art collections, etc) Moreover, wealthy individuals and families attract lawsuits from individuals with unwarranted intentions of claiming a surplus of money from a wealthy defendant. Co-chairman of a New York’s Cozen O’Connor law firm, John J. McDonough, was inclined to say wealthy individuals are “perceived as having ‘deep pockets,’ and become a target.” In addition to his observation, the economic recession indirectly brought in an increasing number of bodily injury and workers compensation claims. Custom insurance and concierge service that focuses on high net worth individuals and their families. We invite you to give us a call at your convenience at (888) 639-4560, or if you prefer email us or return the form on this page, and we’ll call you to set up an appointment to review your insurance program in detail and discuss how Private Client Services can address…
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What To Do After Hurricane Sandy

What To Do After Hurricane Sandy Hurricane Sandy has come and gone. However, Hurricane Sandy did not leave New York untouched. This Hurricane shook and rattled the North East for days, leaving residents confined in their unlit homes without any available resources. Hurricane Sandy was unforgiving and left many individuals grieving & emotionally stirred. From the fires igniting in Queens to the explosions in Manhattan, the cost of damages are not quantifiable at the moment. Fortunately, the President has approved a disaster declaration for New York and New Jersey, providing them federal assistance to rebuild. Below we have some tips on what to do after Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy has left the community in anomie and all that have been affected are slowly recovering. Here a few tips on what to do after Hurricane Sandy. Although the storm has passed, be sure to listen to NOAA Weather Radio and your local news for any updates. If you have been evacuated, remain in your current location until officials state that it’s safe to return home. If you are unable to return home, contact FEMA or The Red Cross for immediate assistance. The government is here to help, so please utilize all their resources. Whether you are driving or walking, keep your eyes open for any downed electrical wires, loose power lines, falling objects, debris, and sinkholes. Contact the power company if you noticed any loose power lines, and only drive if absolutely necessary. Once at home or any building, immediately evacuate if you smell gas or feel your home shifting. If you are unsure have a structural engineer or building inspector examine the property. Refrain from turning on the lights and using candles or lanterns; instead use a battery operated flashlight. Discard any food that is spoiled or has come in contact with flood water. Drink bottled water and do not use tap water for drinking or cooking. Never use a generator inside your home and never connect it to your home’s wiring. Be cautious! Since 1964, A.J. Benet has been serving residents Westchester County insurance in Pelham, New Rochelle, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Harrison, Port Chester, Rye, Salem, Purchase, Bronxville, Bedford, Mt. Kisco, and Katonah, New York. We invite you to give us a call at your convenience at (888) 639-4560, or if you prefer email us or return the form on this page.

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New York Auto Insurance: Auto Safety

New York Auto Insurance: Auto Safety For most individuals who do not have any experience driving in large metropolitan cities like New York, the first few times may seem exceedingly stressful. Maneuvering through a city where both motorists and pedestrians are aggressive is unlike the obstacles and challenges you have dealt with in a calm, rural town or suburb. It may be overwhelming and chaotic for those driving in cities where rush hour never seems to end. It is hard to believe that car accidents do not happen more frequently. However these regular urban city drivers have more experience of how to avert disasters. Driving around the city and familiarizing yourself with the roads, routes, and people’s driving skills will alleviate some redundant stress. Although every metropolitan may have different regulations and street names, challenges are similar and you will constantly need to exercise the following: expect the unexpected, be assertive but neither too aggressive nor too timid, and stay focus. If you are weary to drive in your new metropolitan city or need to brush up on some tips, here are a few tips on safe driving. Be alert. Procure a 360 degree vision and exercise this at all times. Although this is necessary in every size city, this is extremely important in big cities due to traffic congestion and unwarranted obstacles. Set your mirrors so that you are able to have 180 degree coverage to your rear. Do not get caught in an intersection. New York City has over 12,400 intersections with traffic lights, so exercise caution. Be aware of the car ahead of you and avoid running red lights. You will only be contributing to more congestion. Familiarize yourself with local laws to avoid tickets and car accidents. In New York City right turns on red lights are not allowed and you will not only be issued a ticket, but you may possibly hit a pedestrian. Taxi cabs and buses make unpredictable stops and swiftly swerve to the side to pick up people, so look ahead and be prepared to change your lane or slow down to let other drivers to merge onto your lane. Crosswalks are prevalent in metropolitan cities to let large herds of pedestrians and cyclist to walk across different streets. The pedestrian always has the right of way even if they are jaywalking….
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New York Renters Insurance: How to Rent New York City

New York Renters Insurance: How to Rent New York City   For years New York City has been considered the city where dreams come true. Despite the city’s expensive cost of living, individuals all around the United States migrated to its concrete jungles in hopes of pursuing aspirations they didn’t believe were attainable.  New York City was and is still one of the most expensive cities to live in. While the country is still in an economic depression, New York City has jumped back up a few years ago. In fact, NYC was only significantly affected in 2009 when the rent decreased 10%-12%. Due to the job market’s growth, rent is even more expensive than before the recession. The city’s developers and architects simply cannot meet the demand. Unlike the rest of the United States, the vacancy rate is at a low 1% and rent prices have increased significantly due to this demand. Although landlords may be happy to see such a high demand for housing, current and prospective renters are worried that their money is not enough to afford any housing in New York City. While many have found more cost efficient alternatives such as moving to nearby New Jersey cities where a short train ride can get them to their job in the city, many renters still desire that ideal New York City lifestyle. But how much can your money get you in a city that never stops growing? This post is provided by AJ Benet New York Renters Insurance. Call us today for a free quote – (888) 639-4560 Citi-habits.com has computed an analytic market report of how much your money can get you in 2012. If you are not able to afford anything above $2000, your options include a studio in the locations of Harlem, Lower East Side, Morningside Heights, Upper East Side, and Washington Heights. If you would like to spend $2000-2600, you are able to afford a studio in Chelsea, East Village, the Gramercy/Flatiron, Midtown East, Midtown West, Murray Hill, Soho/Tribeca, Upper West Side, Wall Street/Battery Park, and the West Village. However you are also able to afford one bedroom in the Lower East Side, Morningside Heights, and the Upper East Side, as well as a two bedroom in Harlem and Washington Heights. The majority of the one bedrooms range from $2700-$3600, the two bedrooms range from $3500-$6500, and the three…
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New York Business Insurance: Pinterest for Business

New York Business Insurance: Pinterest for Business   At first glance, Pinterest appears to be a niche social media site dedicated towards a female population where weddings, recipes, cute puppies and fashion abound. But more and more, the power of Pinterest is emerging as a marketing tool for all businesses. Pinterest for Business is brought to you by AJ Benet Business Insurance. Pinterest is the fastest growing social site. According to Mashable, it hit 10 million monthly visits faster than any standalone site ever. And it’s popularity is only growing. Pinterest for Business Tip #1 – What to pin. It is essential to strike a balance between promotional items and general interest pins. Customers don’t log on to Pinterest to be bombarded by advertisements and obvious product placements from the company. Find the balance. Definitely post images of your product, but temper that by showing your company’s unique culture. Post photos of your workplace culture and employees. Interesting infographics that pertain to your industry are great. And cool blog posts or resources you find interesting. Videos can be pinned to Pinterest as well, and even customer testimonials. Pinterest for Business Tip #2 – Image Optimization tips. Pin your own unique images. Over 80% of pins on Pinterest are repins- you can gain significant exposure by posting your own images. When you upload them, make sure to use target keywords in filenames and individual pin descriptions. Pinterest is an entirely visual site- make sure to pin quality photos with great visual appeal. General Electric, Whole Foods, and Time Magazine are examples of business with a strong presence on Pinterest. Here is the bottom line. Your business uploads quality, visual pins, users connect to you and your content, and you drive traffic to your website. A.J. Benet provides New York business insurance from Manhattan to Westchester County, Fairfield, CT, and New Jersey. Contact us today for more information about Business Insurance. 

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