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The Business Risks of Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go, the new augmented reality game, has taken the world by storm. Due to the widespread popularity of this game, many businesses have begun to incorporate this game in to their marketing strategies. While offering incentives seems like a proactive step toward engaging new customers, there are certain cyber and injury risks to identify if you have employees who are active users of this app. It’s imperative that your small business recognizes the risks that augmented reality games present. Even more important is ensuring your business is protected with a New York Business Insurance policy. According to an article in Marsh, employees should think twice about bringing Pokemon Go to work. As a business owner, you should look for ways to minimize claims. One way to do this is by making safety a priority. Implementing a safety control program will help not only educate your staff on common risks, but also provide a platform for discussing common augmented reality risks. Augmented reality games can leave your business vulnerable to cyber crime. Hackers have created  knock off games to implement malware into smart devices.  If a smart device is provided by the company, then all the data is at risk for exposure. Ensure that your employees are separating their work and personal phones to avoid data privacy risks. Educate staff on how this could  At AJ Benet Inc. Insurance Agency, we make sure that your New York Business Insurance policy includes more than the simple general liability and product liability. Our policies extend in cases where you underlying limits are exhausted. Our team of experts are willing to go the extra mile and not only protect your business but understand it. For more information, call us today at 888.639.4560.

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New York Craft Breweries Continue to Thrive

There is no doubt about it, the craft beverage industry in New York hast reach new heights in the last few years. According to reports, New York’s artisan and craft brewery industry grew 59 percent between 2013 and 2014. The industry now holds upwards of 200 craft breweries, as well as a number of local wineries, distilleries and cider houses, which produce roughly 859,535 barrels of beverage goods in the last year alone. Over all, a recent report funded by the state Brewers Association and the New York Wine and Grape Foundation, showed that the number of craft breweries more than doubled between 2012 and January 2015, from 95 to over 207 breweries. Much of the widespread growth has been attributed to less stringent regulations governing alcoholic beverage production and distribution in the Empire State, as well as a number of state and local government grants for small beverage goods producers. Last November, New York state legislators enacted the Craft New York Act, which lowered licensing fees and increased the production cap for small breweries throughout the state from 60,000 barrels to 75,000 barrels. The state also funded a $2 million grant program to help local craft beverage makers market and promote their goods and brand. Combining these factors with the growing interest in artisanal brewing and spirits across the nation has undoubtedly led to the surge in fresh New York breweries, distilleries, cider-houses and wineries. As New York food goods manufacturing industry members, these operations face a number of unique business challenges and risk exposures. Whether you currently own or are looking to start a microbrewery or similar operation, it is important to consider the loss and liability concerns involved. At A.J. Benet, we specialize in helping New York businesses balance the coverage they need with prices their budget can afford. One of the many specialty industries we provide service to are New York City Food Manufacturers and Distributors. We offer a wide selection of property and liability insurance coverages that are specially targeted to the needs of these operations. From commercial property coverage to product liability coverage, our New York City business insurance specialist can help piece together the protection you and your operation need. To learn more about us and all our offerings, contact us today at (888) 639-4560.

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Why Should You Insure Your Spring Fundraiser?

There are many different types of fundraisers, for a myriad of different noble pursuits. Fundraising events are a means by which non-profit and for-profit organizations can obtain money to operate or extra funds for a specific pursuit. While fundraisers can take a number of forms, they all face many of the same inherent risks. Whether you are throwing a spring gala event or organizing a local bake sale, it would be unfortunate to leave the event vulnerable to legal claims of injury or loss from others. Luckily, organizations can protect themselves against such claims by buying NY fundraiser event insurance. A strong fundraiser insurance policy will provide the accident and liability insurance that your event will require. A seasoned Manhattan insurance agency will be able to help you determine your event and operation’s exactly needs based on your fundraising goals, the type of activity you plan to hold, your participants and the requirements placed on you by your host site. Single event insurance is usually quite affordable, and it can cover your organization’s liability for a range of risks, including property damage and injuries. Should a guest be injured during the event and claim that your operation is at fault, this coverage would protect not only the raised funds but your operation’s assets as well by providing coverage for any legal complications that may arise. At A.J. Benet we can help you protect your fundraising events so that you can focus on raising the funds you need. We specialize in working with non-profit organizations, religious organizations, and a number of other specialty industries throughout the New York area. To learn more about our operation, contact us today at (888) 639-4560.

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Aging Utility Lines Linked to NYC Apartment Building Fires

An unexpected explosion rocked New York’s East Village Thursday afternoon, sparking a 5 alarm blaze. According to reports, a total of 19 individuals were injured, including five emergency responders, and at least two others remain missing. Luckily, reports indicate that none of the injuries thus far have been life threatening. The blaze reportedly started after an explosion occurred which officials believe was the result of work being preformed on gas line inside a NYC apartment building. The fire quickly spread to three neighboring apartment buildings causing the further evacuation of other buildings in the surrounding area. In total, 11 buildings were evacuated, 3 structures collapsed and a fourth suffered significant damages. Recent events occurred just over a year after a similar explosion and fire broke out in East Harlem, killing 8 individuals. The recent catastrophes have raises serious concerns about the safety and security of New York City’s utilities and infrastructure. In 2014, the NYC Center for an Urban Future released a report detailing the state of New York City’s aging infrastructure. According to the report, both of New York City’s major utility providers are using outdated and aging lines that are upwards of 50 and 60 years old. By the numbers, sixty percent of Consolidated Edison’s gas mains and 48 percent of National Grid’s lines are reportedly made of leak-prone materials, totaling some 3,321 miles of potentially leaky gas lines running throughout the city. Gas lines and pipes made of unprotected steel or cast iron are still widely prevalent in older cities such as NYC, and are cause large scale catastrophes, property damage and even loss of lives. Consolidated Edison reportedly aims to replace approximately 30 miles of their outdated pipes each year, however these adjustments are expensive, costing between $2.2 and $8 million per mile, and time consuming. For NYC commercial and residential real estate owners, utility infrastructure and failure has become a serious property loss and liability concern. The threat of a gas line exploding without warning, a water main leaking and causing flooding, or electrical wiring malfunctions resulting in fire are very real. As such, it is vital that NYC commercial property owners secure complete property and liability insurance to protect their assets. At A.J. Benet Insurance, we offer property and liability coverages along with workers compensation and management liability insurance for your business operations. Our…
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Vital NY Wealth Management Liability Insurance Coverages

  Wealth managers face a myriad of liability exposures through the course of their professional service. By nature the risks are high for these professionals because handing the finances of others places additional pressure, responsibility and liability onto one’s shoulders. Clients have a lot to lose should a wealth management professional make an error or misjudgment in their work, and an unhappy clients won’t hesitate to pursue legal action against your operation. The risk of being responsible for fraud, mismanagement, or other wrongful acts is exactly why New York wealth managers must employ strategic risk management planning and risk transfer strategies. The right New York business insurance program can help wealth managers, investment advisors and any who handle financial assets on behalf of clients protect themselves from a number of risk, loss and liability exposures that can accompany the performance of their professional services. There are three main types of liability coverage that all wealth management firms should secure. Professional Liability- New York professional liability coverage is designed to protect businesses and their employees against allegations of failure to preform professional duties, or claims that errors, omissions or negligence on the part of your operation resulted in financial harm to another. Fiduciary/ Crime Liability- As professional who are in charge of the money of others, there is much at stake when it comes to crime. As such, it is essential that your firm acquires coverage for a broad range of risks, including employee theft, theft of clients’ property, forgery and alteration of checks, credit cards and personal accounts, fraud, and other key coverages. Directors and Officer Liability- This coverage is specifically designed to protect business owners, directors and officers, and key executives against the potential consequences of alleged wrongdoings, such as financial mismanagement, misappropriation of funds, and negligence. These policies also offer protection from suits alleging a lack of proper “corporate governance” and company management. In this increasingly litigious world, your New York wealth management firm can’t afford to be caught off-guard by a liability lawsuit. At A.J. Benet, our NY wealth management liability insurance programs can be customized to cover multiple professionals in the asset management field, including family offices, independent brokerages, franchises and more. We offer workers compensation, directors and officers insurance (D&O), general liability and property insurance for all your commercial needs and can tailor a solution…
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New York Golf Club Issuance: Are Your Greens Covered?

New York Golf Club Issuance: Are Your Greens Covered?  Owning and operating a golf club is no small undertaking. Managing the grounds, the buildings, the members and all the vehicles and property takes skill, expertise and planning. There are countless risk and loss exposures golf clubs may face throughout the year, from weather events to liability concerns. As such it pays to have a comprehensive business insurance portfolio designed to meet the unique needs of these facilities. Here are a few coverage necessities that no golf club can afford to be without: Commercial Property Coverage: Your premise is the foundation of your business. From the rolling greens to the club house, your amenities are one of your greatest commodities. As such, it is vital that you have sufficient coverage to protect all your buildings, structures and properties from common hazards. Commercial property insurance is designed to help cover losses which arise from crime, vandalism, fire, and a host of natural and manmade calamities. General Liability: Accidents happen, and when they occur on your business premises they can be costly. For instance, should a patron be injured on the golf club premises, they may sue your club for negligence or other claims, therefore exposing you to costly legal battles whether you are at fault or not. General liability insurance help protect New York operations from a host of liability exposures which can arise by accident throughout the course of operation. Premises Environmental Coverage: Our pollution liability insuranceand premises environmental coverage, can be very important for facilities that use pesticides, herbicides, fuel and other potential contaminants should any contamination accident arise. As environmental regulations change and increase more and more businesses are susceptible to law, regulations and restrictions monitoring their environmental impact. There are also a number of additional services commonly offered by New York golf clubs, such as eateries, catering and event services. Offering these services can expose your operation to a number of additional risk exposures such as allegations of food-borne illness, liquor and other such liability concerns. AS such, it is vital that your Golf Club’s Insurance portfolio is designed specifically to manage these risks and more. New York is home to some of the most beautiful and prestigious golf courses in America, which is why at A.J. Benet we take great pride in helping our clients protect them….
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Do You Need New York Pollution Liability Insurance?

Do You Need New York Pollution Liability Insurance?  No New York business is immune to the risk of environmental contamination, pollution and the financial ramifications of an accident can cause. While the common misconceptions stands that only a handful of high risk industries, such as chemical manufacturing, energy producers and other operations with obvious risk exposures need to worry about their environmental impact, the truth is that any business can be held responsible for any number of pollution and contamination violations. From using the improper pesticides to accidental water run-off contamination from cleaning solutions, there are many ways the average New York operation can face charges of environmental contamination. In many cases, even the simplest procedure can go awry causing not only a public health concern but endangering the health and safety of workers as well. For example, a construction crew might unknowingly unearth a high density of an airborne contaminant while excavating soil on a worksite. A car wash could accidentally release chemical run-off into nearby groundwater reserves. Even excessive or improper waste generation and disposal can lead to complications for New York business owners. In these situations New York business owners would be held accountable for not only the clean-up of the contaminated area, they can also face legal and penalty fees.  Furthermore, should any employees or third parties be injured or fall ill due to chemical exposure or pollution, business owners can be held accountable for medical expenses and other damages. Environmental accidents happen, even when enforcing regulatory compliance and following the best prevention practices and risk management. In many cases, a business general liability policy excludes coverage for such accidental occurrences involving pollution, contamination and many other negative environmental accidents. For this reason, New York Pollution Liability is a must for any operation regardless of their industry or specialty. New York Pollution Liability insurance is specifically designed to cover the high costs of cleanup and restitution for property damage and bodily injury resulting from the release of pollutants. At A.J. Benet, we have the an experienced team standing by ready to provide you with a pollution liability insurance solution that offers unmatched protection from the myriad of environmental hazards that can threaten a business. Our New York pollution liability insurance policy will cover both sudden and sudden and gradual pollution incidents and can be applied to on-site…
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Manhattan Pet Shop Insurance: Do You Offer Grooming Services?

Manhattan Pet Shop Insurance: Do You Offer Grooming Services?  Pet grooming is an increasingly popular additional service offered by pet shops and distributers as a means of expanding their business and clientele. While there is a high potential of reward, adding a pet-salon service to your existing operation is no small endeavor. In fact, there are many additional risks involved when offering a grooming and other pet care services, for example the increased risk of employee injury. Pet shop owners are well aware of the danger of working with animals, but often underestimate the increased dangers grooming can bring. Even the best efforts to avoid working with aggressive animals won’t always protect you and your employees from the possibility of being hurt or injured by an animal in your care. Many parts of the grooming process can increase anxiety, fear and aggression in animals with even the most pleasant temperaments. This is especially true when pets are being handled by unfamiliar hands. Anxiety and fear are the most common causes of animal bites, nips scratches and other acts of aggression against  handlers and groomers. Some of the main triggers of animal aggression during the grooming process include: Grooming equipment- Grooming experts frequently report that shavers, razors, dryers, brushes and other grooming tools and equipment are causes of anxiety among pets. Pets have been known to nip at the apparatuses and the groomers themselves out of fear for their safety and wellbeing. Bathing- The simple act of bathing an animal can become stressful for both the groomer and the pet, especially because many animals are not comfortable around water. Being submerged in water is often not a familiar feeling for many pets and as such can cause stress and anxiety, and many begin to rebel against leads, harnesses, groomers or other animals in an attempt to escape from the situation. Cleaning the Sensitive Spots- Some animals are unaccustomed to specific types of touching and handling from humans, especially in sensitive areas such as the face, head, paws,  and bum. Each animal will have different preferences about where they are comfortable being touched and handled, and no two animals will have the same handling preferences and needs. Unfortunately, part of the groomers responsibility is to access and clean those hard to reach places. Groomers should always exercise extra caution when handling sensitive…
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NY Condo Association Insurance: Setting Decorating Guidelines

NY Condo Association Insurance: Setting Decorating Guidelines  With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it might be time for condo associations to review their holiday decorating guidelines. While some guidance is necessary to prevent community safety and fire hazards, it is important to find a balance between beneficial to the community and being a holiday humbug. Here are a few tips borrowed from HOAleader.com, a resource for community association management and members, to help condo association boards maintain their holiday spirit and community standards. Be reasonable- One of the key elements of successful association management is to maintain an atmosphere of practicality and fairness. If your association is considering, or already has holiday decorating regulations in place it is important to afford homeowners as much freedom as safely and efficiently possible. The goal should not simply be to regulate but to better the community through those guidelines. For example, if your goal is to make sure holiday lighting is safe and tactful, an outright ban is probably going a little over the top. A more direct solution to the lighting dilemma is to restrict the timing and size of holiday lighting displays. For example door decorations might be prohibited in every month except December. Allowing this exception to the typical rule does not mean that an association cannot restrict the type of door adornments. An association may choose to restrict door decorations to a simple wreath during the month of December. Regulate the extremes – According to experts, moderation is the primary goal of regulation.  Some of the most effective holiday decorating policies attempt to temper the overzealous displays of holiday spirit with guidelines which will alleviate tension between community members. An association might wish to set holiday decorating time constraints which require that decorations be put up and taken down in a specific time frame. Commonly, condo associations will allow decorations to surface 30 days prior and as long as two weeks after a holiday.  Many policies often include restrictions on the scope of the display for example specifying the footage and location of decorative lighting. Reserve your rights- It might be hard to identify just what “over-the-top” means until it surfaces, that is what makes reserving the association’s rights to enforce and regulate holiday displays and decorations so essential. Condo associations should remind homeowners that under the association rules it is…
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Manhattan Photography Insurance: Protecting Your Business Gear

Manhattan Photography Insurance: Protecting Your Business Gear  It’s no secret that digital technology has revolutionized the realm of photography. From new image formats to digital darkroom capabilities, modern photographers are not only expected to be masters of light and timing, but also technology wizards. Modern photographers use high definition cameras, super powered laptops and high quality printers to deliver their goods and services. While photo-editing software and digital cameras have propelled photography to new heights, new technology can be a big expense for professionals. Cameras, extra memory, lenses, printers, image processing software, light kits and back drops are just a few of the most essential equipment pieces a photographers need, especially in the digital era. In fact, one of the largest business expenses a photography professionals encounter are some of the most essential tools of the trade. Professional photographers use a tone of gear. In fact, their livelihood is largely reliant upon the functionality of their equipment and technology. When dealing with large amounts of business equipment and technology, a lot can go wrong. It is highly important that professional photographers protect themselves and their equipment as replacements and repairs don’t come cheap. Industry professionals claim that proper cleaning and maintenance can help improve the longevity of your cameras, lenses, filters and other equipment. Dust, dirt or and other particulates on a lens or filter can interfere with your image by producing flare or blurring in your shots. Dust and dirt can also interfere with the sensor or and other mechanical components, which can ultimately cause serious problems. Gently and thoroughly cleaning all physical components can help remove hazardous particulates and increase the longevity of your gear. Even tripods, stands, packs and other equipment should be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis to ensure that they are free of dirt, crumbs, rust, grime and other functional and esthetic menaces. At AJ Benet, we take into account the mobility, gear, professional responsibility and many other factors that contribute to the unique risk exposures photography professionals face in the course of their work. That’s why our comprehensive Manhattan Photography Insurance is specifically designed to protect professional photographers and videographers from all the risks involved with being a photography professional. Our policies as fully customizable to fit the needs of your operation and can include everything from commercial property insurance to liability insurance….
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