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The Most Effective Ways to Bring Wellness to Your Business

The Most Effective Ways to Bring Wellness to Your BusinessWorkplace wellness can be a sustainable and holistic approach to increasing employee satisfaction, motivation and retention for the long-term. Applying an emphasis on health boosts morale and productivity.

Utilize these ideas to promote workplace wellness from a practical standpoint. The focus is on enhancing performance and maintaining a company culture that regards each employee as not just a number, but as an asset whose overall health matters.

Open and Calming Space

Setup of your office with the maximum amount of natural light source to help brighten and energize the space. Limit the use of cubicle dividers to promote team collaboration; this can help refresh the mind, sharpen focus, and moderate stress.

Use indoor plants like ferns, bamboo, palm trees or aloe vera, to purify the air and help reduce both tension and fatigue. Consider creating a meditation or stand-up desk space that can be shared by employees throughout the day.

Opt for Moving Instead of Sitting

Sitting for long periods of time on a daily basis increases the risk for diabetes, cancer, depression, heart disease, obesity, and joint or muscle issues. Rather than remaining sedentary for long stretches of time, incorporate exercise into the workplace through incentives like standing desks instead of office chairs, and outdoor walks instead of conference room gatherings.

Start an office-walking initiative, encouraging employees to walk together at lunch and take walking meetings. Reward employees with things like work from home half-day, half-day Fridays, or catered lunches.

Active Team-Building Events

Encourage both physical activity and employee bonding for one Friday afternoon a month so, employees don’t have to make time outside of work hours.

Have employees engage in a collaborative activity that requires teamwork; these might include:

  • Rock climbing
  • Game of kickball
  • Group hike or day at the park with soccer balls, Frisbees or other items employees can use to say active.
  • Stand-up paddle boarding or surfing
  • Volunteer event like Habitat for Humanity

In-Office Wellness Workshops

Bring professionals into the office to teach employees new techniques and strategies for being healthy in a fun, group setting. Here are a few workshops to consider:

  • Self-Defense: This is a fun, and non-traditional workshop idea that will empower employees and get them up and moving.
  • Cooking Class: If you have a full kitchen in your office, this is a fun way to help employees learn how to cook healthier. Check with your local community college to find the right chef for your workshop. They may have cooking professors to recommend.
  • Meditation Workshop: Meditation is consistently noted as one of the most effective methods for reducing stress and improving overall well-being. Check with yoga studios to find someone who can lead the workshop.

Wellness doesn’t have to require any extravagant additions to your business infrastructure.

Even just having an outside ping-pong table and refrigerator packed with cold-pressed juice are simple ways to keep overhead costs to a minimum, while improving employee wellness and showing you care.

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