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Tips to Being a Successful HOA Board Member

Tips to Being a Successful HOA Board MemberWhen it comes to being a new member of your HOA board, there is a strong desire to make changes and improve the community. The problem is that trying to do too much without knowledge of how the association works can end up creating more problems than it solves. While you want to make sure your association has the best NY Condo Association Insurance to protect the community, as a board member, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Know how the association works. Set up a meeting with the HOA managing agent to get an overview of the roles and responsibilities you will be playing. Find out the plan that has been put in place by management.
  • Know what is permitted. While you have the community’s best interest in mind, you need to refrain from doing things that aren’t allowed. If it is not stated in the governing documents, you are not approved to do them.
  • Do not try to change it right away. One of the worst things you can do when you join the board is to try to change the way it is run. Whether it is to change venders or suggesting they save money by letting go the property manager, trying to change the way the board runs too quickly is a huge mistake. Good decisions take time and must go through the proper channels.
  • Understand policies. If you become overzealous and try to jump into your role without an understanding as to why previous boards did or did not enact certain policies, you may be creating a lot more work for yourself. It may be that previous boards have tried to change certain things but found that they do not have the rights to do so. Learn from what previous boards have gone through to make your decisions easier to handle.
  • Don’t keep secrets. The other members within your association want to know that you are working for them to do the right thing for the association. Talking publicly about issues that are being dealt with can prevent anger and backlash from other residents.
  • Think long term. Be aware of the finances available within the association. Many times, while a change may be wanted it is not financially feasible at that time. You want to have an understanding of the financial position in a 5-10 year span to avoid problems down the road.

Being aware of what is expected as well as what is allowed of the association board can help to prevent issues when a new board started to run things.

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