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Westchester County Winter Driving Tips

Westchester County Winter Driving TipsWestchester County Winter Driving Tips

The holiday season also brings less than ideal weather conditions. While the snow looks beautiful while you’re snug inside with a mug of hot chocolate, it can create dangerous conditions on the road. Since the winter chill is just around the corner, let’s take a moment to review winter driving tips to keep you and your family safe. And don’t forget to pass these Westchester County Winter driving tips onto your teen driver.

Getting the snow off your car. You want to make sure you protect the paint on your vehicle. Leave the shovel behind, and invest in a brush designed for auto snow removal. It will help save the paint job on your vehicle. It will be worth the time and money.

Practice. No matter how many years of driving experience you have under your belt, navigating icy or snowy surfaces can be difficult and dangerous. Find an empty parking lot and practice a few turns on the snow.

Wheels. Make sure to shovel the snow around your wheels and under the front and rear bumpers to clear away any snow. Spinning your wheels can dig the hole deeper, build up ice, and wear out your tires.

Slow down. Winter roads in Westchester County pose a number of risks. Slow down when driving. During normal conditions, you should maintain a following distance of three seconds between you and another car. On winter roads, increase that to a full 8 to 10 seconds. And do not use your cruise control on any slippery surface.

If all else fails. If your car does skid, don’t panic. Take your foot off the gas, and steer your car in the direction you want to go. Wait for the car to slow down, so you can regain control. Do not slam on the brakes.

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