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Westchester New York Business Insurance: Cyber Safety

Westchester New York Business Insurance: Cyber SafetyWestchester New York Business Insurance: Cyber Safety

If you allow your employees to have access to the Internet, then cyber safety should be a top concern. This involves more than just installing a firewall to protect your business network. The right combination of hardware, software, and education will provide your business with a safe internet environment. Here are just a few tips you should follow and share with your staff to ensure cyber safety.

Don’t Download or Install “Free” Software, Music, or Ebooks. It’s a smart idea to ask yourself, “How is somebody making a profit off of giving this software away?” when you see a deal such as this. There are legitimate offers out there, such as Adobe giving away their Adobe Reader program, but it’s better to err on the side of caution when it comes to business computers.

Know Which Sites Are Safe. Knowing what types of websites to avoid can protect your business’s security. Individuals assume that the only “dangerous” sites are porn and gambling sites. Though these should never be allowed into your business, these are not the only sites that introduce risk.

Install a Hardware Web Appliance. This is inserted in between your local area network and your internet connection. These appliances can filter out spam, stop malware from being downloaded, restrict Internet access, and generate reports on employee online activity.

Monitor Employee Internet Usage. The best way to do this is with a software based solution. The standard configuration consists of a central server that gathers information from the software that is installed on every employee’s computer.

In addition to following these steps to ensure online safety within your business, it’s vital for your company to be covered by a Cyber Liability Insurance policy. At A.J. Benet, we serve the New York business community as well as surrounding areas with exemplary service, meaningful recommendations, and claims follow-up with fast resolutions. Contact us today for more information at (888)639-4560.

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