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Who Really Causes the Most Car Accidents? Common Stereotypes Explored

Who Really Causes the Most Car Accidents? Common Stereotypes ExploredThere are many stereotypes around the question “Who causes the most car accidents?” Some people claim that women are statistically worse drivers than men, while others claim that men cause more accidents. Some say that newly-licensed teenagers are the biggest dangers of the road, while still others feel that senior citizens above a certain age should not be driving.

The truth is, we can all be accident-prone and are constantly at risk out there on the road. No matter who you are, it’s always crucial for your safety and your finances to be careful on the road and secure Auto Insurance before driving. Let’s explore a couple common stereotypes that have been in the talk for quite some time now.

Men vs. Women

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety did a study for findings based on the idea that men tend to engage in certain riskier behaviors on the road than women. Men’s statistical bad driving tends to stem from deciding to err on the opposite side of caution.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted an analysis showing that nearly twice as many men 34 years or younger die in speeding crashes than women in the same age bracket. It was also found that more men drink and drive, get traffic violations and are deemed responsible for a greater portion of car accidents.

That being said, according to the National Highway Safety Administration, men also drive a lot more miles than women which could be why men cause 6.1 million accidents per year, while women cause 4.4 million per year. On average, men drive 16,550 miles and women drive 10,142 miles per year according to Federal Highway Administration.

Therefore men drive about 30 percent more miles than women. Yet, they’re implicated in slightly less than 30 percent of car accidents. Men do cause more accidents, but they are slightly less at-risk than women, by a small margin.

The conclusion? We can all be risky drivers at times, and no one should consider themselves one hundred percent safe from car accidents.

Seniors vs. Teens

Mistakes are expected from young drivers, but the first few years are pretty risky. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety drivers, ages 16-19 are three times more likely to crash than drivers over 20.

The United States Census Bureau found that teens cause about 5% more accident than drivers over 65; although that reality may be changing, as all 50 states have adopted a Graduated Drivers Licensing GDL programs, helping to effectively reduce teen accidents.

Fewer young people are getting their driver’s licenses and when they do, they are driving fewer miles. However, the life expectancy for car-dependent seniors is steadily increasing. Impairments associated with aging, including slow response time and compromised vision and hearing, could have a huge impact on road safety. Cell phone use, passenger distraction, impulsive/aggressive road behavior, impaired driving and lack of seatbelt use all pose extreme risks that these two age ranges are known to take on.

No matter how good of a driver you are, you never know what could arise on the road. Make sure that you’ll be prepared for anything.

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