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Youthful Driver: Apps to Avoid Texting and Driving

Youthful Driver Apps to Avoid Texting & DrivingYouthful Driver: Apps to Avoid Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is fast becoming one of the most dangerous hazards of the road. According to Stop the Texts, over one million people chat and text while driving each day. A driver who texts while driving is twenty-three times more likely to get into an accident than a driver who doesn’t text. And, of those killed in distracted-driving accidents, 995 reports involved a cell phone. Eighteen percent of accident fatalities were distracted-related crashes.

It isn’t a small population either. Forty-nine percent of drivers with cell phones under the age of 35 send or read text messages while driving. Technology is changing and the distractions within the car are more dangerous than ever. But, there are some apps that can help combat that problem. Here’s a list Mashable compiled on how to avoid texting and driving.

AT&T DriveMode. Once the app is selected, all calls, texts, and emails are silenced- the app also blocks you from reading or typing anything. You do still have the option to make an emergency phone call, access your music playlist, and make calls with up to five people.

DriveSafe.ly. Rather than blocking your text messages, this app reads your text messages and calls aloud so you don’t take your eyes off the road. It will automatically respond to recipients for you, either by voice or with pre-set responses.

Textecution. This app uses GPS to determine the speed you’re driving at. If you are clocked at more than 10 mph, the app disables texting so you can’t receive or respond to texts. You will be able to unlock messages when going less than 10 mph. For extenuating circumstances (like traveling on a train for example), you can ask for permission from the admin, who can override the settings.

DriveScribe. This app measures and evaluates your driving performance by giving you points based on how well you stay within the speed limit and obey traffic signs.

Text-STAR. The goal of Text-STAR is to eliminate driving distractions. It senses motion, and disables texting when you drive over 10 mph. It also allows you to schedule auto reply texts if you know you’ll be busy or doing something else.

The issue is especially prevalent with younger drivers. At A.J. Benet, we know how important it is to make sure your young drivers stay safe on the roads. We’ve developed a Westchester Teen Auto Insurance Policy to help teens realize and accept the newfound responsibilities that come with driving. We represent many top-rated insurers to provide you and your family with competitive auto insurance. Contact us today for more information.

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