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I just changed insurance brokers to Alan. He has been a customer for years. I asked him a simple question about insurance one day when he was in, and since then I have changed all my insurance to him. He saved me a ton on my business and provided better coverage. I don’t know who you use but Alan does a great job for me and he is an avid sailor. I have seen some other guys probing around who I don’t know but this is a sure thing, plus it cost nothing to check it out.

Mark Ploch, Doyle Ploch SailsDoyle Ploch Sails

As you know we have had many homes over the past 15 years.
You and your team at AJ Benet has insured each one, including all our cars as well.
The reason is very easy to understand.
You have always been personally involved and have a truly outstanding and professional team.
There attention to every detail and follow through on any issue has always been fabulous.
We have bought another house recently and I’m happy you and the team will be watching out for us on this one too.
Thank you for always being there for us.

Mark Shulman

I wanted to thank you and the rest of your organization for the handling of my recent claim.  Donnie was very professional, as he always is, in coordinating between me and the insurance carrier and he made certain that the carrier was responsive to my needs.  I should also say that I was very pleasantly surprised regarding how easy it was to work with Ace.

I have always found working with you, Donnie and Karen a pleasure and the professionalism of your organization always stands out.

Mark S. Fife

Thank you so much for your help in resolving my insurance claim with Adirondack (re: hurricane Irene flood damage) to my satisfaction. My wife Lisa and I really appreciate Alan’s personal involvement with the adjuster and the expertise he demonstrated which allowed us to obtain an equitable solution. In addition, we appreciate Don’s e-mail follow-ups which expedited the entire process.

Larry Zimmerman, White PlainsNY

I got home from work last night and found the fabulous holiday basket you sent. It greatly cheered us to see the cookies, crackers, cheese & salami, candies and fruit. We haven’t found the time to get food, so this was quite welcome (our son, Nathaniel, dove right in, and Alba found her favorite candies). The basket of goodies is a beautiful and very welcome gift. We are fortunate to have the A.J. Benet team on our side. You are all so compassionate, helpful, and available. The ordeal is awful [$2 million+ fire], but with everyone’s help, we are getting by as well as possible.

Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, filled with peace, love and goodness.

Susan and Scott & family

I want to take this opportunity to report to you about a very satisfying experience that I had recently with your organization. I had a minor car accident with damage that needed repair. From the moment I called Don Orlando, from the accident scene, everything was flowing very efficiently. The Insurance company representative contacted me almost immediately, I was referred to a very competent auto body shop and got a rental car immediately. The check covering the cost of repair was issued in a short time and the all experience was very pleasant. I feel that it all has to do with your leadership and the staff you trained. I hope I will not need this kind of care again, but it is very reassuring to know that there is always somebody watching for your interests.

Hanan Rotem, MDMD

“Everyone at A.J. Benet is always there to assist, review, recommend and respond to questions and issues. The quick response to the last storm with the ongoing concern gave us the added comfort we needed in going through our claim. We are proud of our relationship that has spanned over 3 decades.”

Randy Ruder, CCM, CCE, General ManagerBeach Point Club

My sister in law hit a telephone poll in Larchmont 2 weeks ago and totaled Carly’s Audi. Fortunately she was not hurt. I was amazed at how easy and professional Chartis was in dealing with the claim (Dan was also but I expected that!). It truly could not have been easier and I got the check for the agreed value which was probably quite a bit more than the car was worth exactly 2 weeks from the date of the accident. If you ever need to have a client vouch for Chartis feel free to have them call me.

David S. KrissEsq.

You have been our firm’s and families insurance broker for almost 30 years. I am grateful for your dedicated service, especially recently when we had a major claim from Hurricane Irene.

Our lower level was flooded and the adjuster denied coverage. You insisted that the insurer retain an engineer and when the claim manager read the report he denied the claim as well. You were tenacious and elevated this to the VP of claims. In one telephone call the VP of claims agreed to cover the claim – thank you.

Eight to ten years ago our firm got a $30,000 audit from the State Insurance Fund. When I showed it to you your evaluation was that they misclassified our employees. It was almost one year of continuous effort on your part, but, in the end, the State Fund reverse the audit.

We have since changed our insurance carrier to an insurer who you represent and have not had any problems since then.

Thank you and your staff for the wonderful service you provide to our firm and our families.

Pete Katz, LivingstonNJ

I has been a pleasure working with Alan Benet and the A.J. Benet team. Alan’s team was instrumental in helping resolve and get the best possible results for me and the unfortunate incident with my automobile. Not only did Alan work directly with the insurer he actually personally went out to see my car at Mercedes of Greenwich which enabled Alan to negotiate a better settlement for me. Alan and team kept me very well informed during the process to give me comfort that my best interests were being addressed and considered.

I would recommend A.J. Benet to friends and family.

Jason Dolger