Auto Collision Repair – Not All Body Shops Are The Same And Not All Insurance Carriers On The Same

March 29, 2021
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Today’s cars are very sophisticated in their design and manufacture. Auto manufacturers are using new materials to reduce vehicle weight and adding sophisticated safety systems.

More than ever technical acumen and strict adherence to manufacturers’ repair specifications are imperative for today’s collision repair industry.

Technicians who once relied mostly on welding torches and ball-peen hammers now need the help of advanced scanning and diagnosis equipment, along with online access to a manufacturer’s updated repair procedures.

Quality collision shops invest (about $60,000) in live mapping systems that can detect structural damage that otherwise may go unnoticed. Some insurance carriers take a dim view of such sophisticated equipment since their goal is to push the shops to finish the work quickly. Thus, unfortunately, this leaves hidden damaged unrepaired, endangering the safety of their customers.

As a consumer, beware when an auto insurance company recommends that you repair your car at “an approved repair shop”. Both the auto insurance company and collision shop will take shortcuts, not in your best interest.

ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance System is embedded in the windshield, bumpers and fenders. When replaced after a collision they require precise calibration. These sensors control emergency automatic braking systems (50% of all cars manufactured between 2017-2020 have these systems). They also can control automatic distancing, lane departure and blind-spot monitoring.

As a consumer, how do you protect yourself against body shops that take shortcuts, against insurance companies that want to minimize repairs at the expense of safety? Your auto insurance contract should specify OEM (original equipment manufactured) parts. It should also specify that the car must be repaired to the manufacturer’s specifications. Ask the body shop if it has Live Mapping System software. Most important, work with an auto insurance broker who has the knowledge to give you the proper advice to insure the safety of you and your family.

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