Preventing Water Damage Homeowners Insurance Claims

September 17, 2020
water in basement with vacuum - preventing water damage and home insurance claims mamoroneck ny

When you are away from your home or even asleep at night, a burst pipe or ruptured washing machine or dishwater hose can cause thousands of dollars of damage.

In recent years we have seen a greater frequency of claims and larger settlements from water damage.

One of our insurance carriers has reported the following averages of claims paid from 2013-2015:

Cause of Loss - Amount Paid

Frozen pipes - $ 66,900

Faulty plumbing - $ 35,500

Appliance leak - $ 28,300

Bathroom fixture leak - $ 35,400

Most of these claims could have been prevented with some simple solutions:

  • Turning off the main water valve in your home – if you have a forced-air heat and A/C system, we recommend turning off this water main valve when you leave the house overnight or for an extended period of time. If we have a lawn sprinkler system and are concerned that turning off the water valve will also turn off the lawn sprinkler, your plumbing contractor can easily install a bypass. If your heating system is hot water or steam, contact your plumber before turning off the water main.
  • Water Flow Sensor and Shut Off Valve – this is installed by a plumber. This system will determine what the average water flow is and if that is exceeded will automatically stop the water flow. In addition, this can be integrated with your home security system. Insurance carriers will provide a premium discount for this system.
  • Water sensors – these devices work on wi fi and can be installed in strategic locations in your home. For example, under the hot water heater, in the laundry room, etc. These sensors monitor water, humidity and temperature and are connected to an app on your smartphone. Insurance carriers do not offer a premium discount for these types of devices.
  • Steel mesh hoses for washing machines – one of the most vulnerable areas that cause water damage are the rubber hoses attaching to your washing machine. Installing these steel mesh hoses will be an easy solution to prevent a significant problem.

If you have any questions about these systems, please call our office.

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