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New York Pet Distributors Insurance: Successful Dog Training

New York Pet Distributors Insurance: Successful Dog TrainingNew York Pet Distributors Insurance: Successful Dog Training

With the expansion of features to your New York area pet store, such as specialty products and training classes, it’s more important now than ever that you be covered by NY pet distributors insurance.  That being said, if you are adding dog training classes to the list of services you offer, are you familiar with the traits of a successful class?

If it’s your first time hosting training classes, you may find that sometimes you end with fewer students and dogs than you began with, or that people don’t sign up for the next round. Usually this is a sign of a curriculum problem. The best dog training classes focus on human decision making, not dog performance, and curriculum should be designed with this in mind. What this means is that owners are looking for real-life success with their dogs when they are at home, not just good classroom performance.

A successful dog training class should guide and teach the owner to learn what motivates and distracts their dog, and how to accurately read a situation. Don’t teach behavior just to teach behavior, such as tricks like “sit”, “stay”, or “roll over”. Every classroom exercise should be built around a real-life purpose, whether the purpose is getting through a crowd of people and dogs, or learning not to bark at the doorbell when at home. Overall, dog owners need to be able to apply what they are learning in class to their life outside the classroom.

A.J. Benet’s face-to-face consultations allow clients in the pet industry to detail their operations and concerns to their advisor and to provide an onsite tour of the entire facility. From there, your advisor can recommend the best coverage for your Westchester County Business Insurance. Contact us today at (888) 639-4560.

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