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Pet Store Abuse Sparks Senators Protection Petition

Pet store Abuse Sparks Senators Protection PetitionOwning and running a pet related business no longer means running just one aspect of our pet’s lives. Your Vet may also be where you board your pet while you go on vacation. The pet store where you buy your animal’s food may also be where you pick up a new furry friend. Your groomer can now come to your house and set up their van out front. As the owner or manager of a pet related business, you want to make sure you have your New Jersey Pet Business Insurance up to date.

When we take our beloved pup to the groomers, or to the vet, we expect the love and devotion that we show them to come from the businesses we bring them to. However, occasionally someone abuses their status and our pets end up being the victims.

At the end of July, the owner and one of the managers of a small pet store were arrested after two dogs and a kitten had to be euthanized as a result of alleged animal cruelty. The pair is accused of performing unlicensed surgeries, administering unlicensed shots and medications, and not seeking medical attention for critically ill animals. These arrests due to claims of animal cruelty have lead to the launching of the Protect Our Pets Petition in an effort to pressure the Assembly to pass laws that would provide greater protection to animals from the owners and caregivers that do them harm.

The petition puts pressure specifically on:

S.4265, which allows for easier prosecution of individuals that cause serious harm to a companion animal

S.3201, which modernizes current laws, promoting consistent enforcement from law enforcement

S.2935 Also known as “Busters Law”, this establishes a registry that is to remain public, of those who have been convicted of animal cruelty

S.3451 was passed in June, increasing the penalty for those with multiple convictions of animal cruelty.

Just as our pets need a voice and need to be protected, businesses also need to make sure that they are protected from the numerous risks involved with every day encounters.

At A.J. Benet Inc. we know how stressful it can be to ensure your business is cared for as much as your four legged clients are cared for. Call us today for information on our policies and how they can help keep you covered. 888.639.4560

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