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Westchester County Auto Insurance: The Future of Driving

Westchester County Auto Insurance The Future of DrivingWestchester County Auto Insurance: The Future of Driving

One of Google’s latest technology ventures has been developing a self-driving car. Still a few years away from consumer production, the concept has nonetheless generated exciting discussion about the possibilities and possible impact of a driverless vehicle.

Casey B. Mulligan, an economics professor at the University of Chicago, tackled this idea recently in a column for the New York Times. He argued an interesting, less thought about side to the “smart” car revolution: driverless cars would actually increase fuel consumption and the number of drivers on the road.

One of the touted features of driverless cars is that driven by its data and computing power, driverless cars are also purported to reduce traffic congestion and nationwide fuel consumption by driving smarter. However, Mulligan disputes this. Smarter driving reduces the cost per mile of vehicle usage, which will lead to more driving. But research has shown that cutting travel costs through reduced gas prices actually causes people to drive more (they will choose their vehicle over carpooling and public transit, for example). Thus there could be more traffic and more aggregate fuel consumption.

There are a number of hurdles driverless vehicles have to jump before they ever hit the open road. It will alter auto insurance policies significantly. But they will also open up transportation options to people previously unable to drive, such as the blind or elderly.

What do you think about Mulligan’s predictions? Will it increase traffic congestion? How could driverless cars affect the insurance marketplace? We’d love to hear from you.

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