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Holiday Safety Tips for a New York Winter

Holiday Safety Tips for a New York Winter

Holiday Safety Tips for a New York Winter

String the lights. Decorate the house. Invite the relatives. Bake the cookies. Find a tree. Buy gifts. The holidays can be overwhelming and the to-do list seemingly endless. In the craziness of the season take a moment to read these holiday safety tips for a New York winter.

Holiday Safety Tips #1 – Lights.

  • There should be no more than three standard-size set of lights per extensions cord.
  • If you have to use multiple strings of lights, use several power strips. Make sure to use higher quality models that have a built in circuit breaker.
  • Check your lights. Frayed or exposed wires can easily overload your power once the weather turns bad.
  • Always turn Christmas lights off before you leave home or go to sleep.

Holiday Safety Tips #2 – The tree.

  • Make sure to buy a fresh tree. It should be green with no signs of any brown needles, and the needles should be hard to pull from the branches and don’t break when you bend them between your fingers.
  • Keep the tree away from the fireplace, radiators, or any other heating sources.
  • If you choose an artificial tree, choose one that is “fire resistant.”

Holiday Safety Tips #3 – Candles.

  • Blow out all candles before you leave the room.
  • Make sure all candles are secured in holders and on steady surfaces that won’t tip over.
  • Make sure all smoke alarms are installed on every level of your home. Check them monthly to make sure they work.

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Source: Institute for Business & Home Safety

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