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How to be a Great Boss

A great boss makes their employees realize they have more ability than they think they have so that they consistently do better work than they thought they could. Every employee has their unique shape and a good boss needs to be able to find a suitable role for each of their employees. With patience and perseverance, you will be able to shape this wild variety of personalities into a well-working team of satisfied people.

Build Trust

Trust is needed to turn a group of people into a team. Building trust will help create effective communication, employee engagement and better job performance. You can build trust by always being honest and fair and never gossiping or sharing anyone’s personal information.

Show that you’re a team player and others can rely on you. Be empathetic by acknowledging if your  employee is having a hard time. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they’re alright or if they need any help.

Give Praise

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected. Recognition at the workplace cannot be underestimated. It is common for employees to  have lower productivity or even leave jobs due to lack of recognition.

Recognition is truly motivating and is essential to have a well motivated, efficient team.Employees will be more loyal and satisfied, their individual productivity will increase and their retention will be lowered. Recognize employees by thanking them by name, specifically stating what they are being recognized for, and pointing out the value they add.

Inspire your Employees

Inspiration at work is about commitment and passion. If your employees love what they do, they will need only a little bit of help from you  to spread their wings. Tell your employees about your vision; people love to know that they are part of something important, while sharing the benefits behind your ideas.

Encourage development and share your knowledge.

Allow Employees to be Themselves

If you don’t accept your employees as they are, you cannot expect that they will feel comfortable in a workplace. If you want for your employees to be highly motivated, you cannot increase the division between home and work. You need to integrate them.

Don’t force a strict dress code if it’s not needed, encourage them to talk about their passions, trust them and let them decide how to achieve their goals, and encourage ownership of their work.

Value Feedback

Encourage an open, honest communication. Even if you hear something unpleasant, treat it as an opportunity to develop. You can encourage feedback by asking questions like, “What would you change if you were me,” “what do you like or dislike in your job” or “is there anything you’d like to change in our team”. These can also be asked on an anonymous survey.

Tell them you are happy for them to share any feedback.

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