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Mamaroneck Renters Insurance: Apartment Walk-through Checklist

Mamaroneck Renters Insurance Apartment Walk-through ChecklistMamaroneck Renters Insurance: Apartment Walk-through Checklist

You’ve signed the lease, packed up the bags. But before you move into that brand new apartment, make sure to schedule an apartment walk-through with the landlord. Similar to a home safety checklist, our apartment walk-through checklist can help ensure that you avoid any fees for damages inflicted by the previous tenant when you move out.

Here’s our Apartment Walk-through Checklist

Apartment Walk-through Checklist Tip #1 – Come prepared. Bring a camera to document any problem areas or damages you find. During the walk-through, take notes. And, it helps to bring a tape measure to make sure your furniture will fit through them- it will ease any moving difficulties ahead of time.

Apartment Walk-through Checklist Tip #2 – The basics. Keep an eye out for insect or rodent infestation, such as droppings or chew marks. Plug your cell phone charger into the outlets. And make sure home phone and cable jacks are available, functioning, and accessible.

Apartment Walk-through Checklist Tip #3 – Safety checks. Proper fire safety equipment should be installed throughout the apartment. This includes smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as fire extinguishers. Make sure all safety equipment is working, and located in the proper areas. If you’re living in a large apartment complex, find the fire escape plan and make sure you know where to go in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Apartment Walk-through Checklist Tip #4 – Doors & windows. Check that all windows and doors open and close properly, and make sure the screens on all the windows are intact. Test all the locks; if there is more than one type of lock, make sure you the necessary keys.

Apartment Walk-through Checklist Tip #5 –Bathroom & Kitchen. Run all the faucets, and check for leaks underneath the sinks. Make sure all the appliances and plumbing are working as well. Check the shower head, and make sure the water heats up, and the water pressure is good.

Apartment Walk-through Checklist Tip #6 – Bedroom & Living Room. Check all light switches, and test the air conditioner. Look for cracks in the wall, and check aesthetic details such as carpet stains, chipped paint, or nail holes in the wall.

When the walkthrough is complete, schedule any repairs, and make sure to sign a document detailing the agreed-upon condition of the property.  Make sure to be detailed and thorough, and take copious notes. In the long run, it could save you time and money.

Mamaroneck renters insurance is relatively inexpensive and goes a long way in protecting you and your belongings. Our staff at A.J. Benet can discuss several options with you, to help make sure you are covered. Contact us today for more information about our renters insurance programs

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