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Do You Need New York Pollution Liability Insurance?

Do You Need New York Pollution Liability Insurance? Do You Need New York Pollution Liability Insurance

No New York business is immune to the risk of environmental contamination, pollution and the financial ramifications of an accident can cause. While the common misconceptions stands that only a handful of high risk industries, such as chemical manufacturing, energy producers and other operations with obvious risk exposures need to worry about their environmental impact, the truth is that any business can be held responsible for any number of pollution and contamination violations. From using the improper pesticides to accidental water run-off contamination from cleaning solutions, there are many ways the average New York operation can face charges of environmental contamination.

In many cases, even the simplest procedure can go awry causing not only a public health concern but endangering the health and safety of workers as well. For example, a construction crew might unknowingly unearth a high density of an airborne contaminant while excavating soil on a worksite. A car wash could accidentally release chemical run-off into nearby groundwater reserves. Even excessive or improper waste generation and disposal can lead to complications for New York business owners. In these situations New York business owners would be held accountable for not only the clean-up of the contaminated area, they can also face legal and penalty fees.  Furthermore, should any employees or third parties be injured or fall ill due to chemical exposure or pollution, business owners can be held accountable for medical expenses and other damages.

Environmental accidents happen, even when enforcing regulatory compliance and following the best prevention practices and risk management. In many cases, a business general liability policy excludes coverage for such accidental occurrences involving pollution, contamination and many other negative environmental accidents. For this reason, New York Pollution Liability is a must for any operation regardless of their industry or specialty. New York Pollution Liability insurance is specifically designed to cover the high costs of cleanup and restitution for property damage and bodily injury resulting from the release of pollutants.

At A.J. Benet, we have the an experienced team standing by ready to provide you with a pollution liability insurance solution that offers unmatched protection from the myriad of environmental hazards that can threaten a business. Our New York pollution liability insurance policy will cover both sudden and sudden and gradual pollution incidents and can be applied to on-site and off-site events. Our specialists can also help secure coverage for additional properties and business interruption losses. To learn more about our operation and extensive NY business insurance portfolio, give us a call today at (888) 639-4560.

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