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New York Craft Breweries Continue to Thrive

New York Craft Breweries Continue to ThriveThere is no doubt about it, the craft beverage industry in New York hast reach new heights in the last few years. According to reports, New York’s artisan and craft brewery industry grew 59 percent between 2013 and 2014. The industry now holds upwards of 200 craft breweries, as well as a number of local wineries, distilleries and cider houses, which produce roughly 859,535 barrels of beverage goods in the last year alone. Over all, a recent report funded by the state Brewers Association and the New York Wine and Grape Foundation, showed that the number of craft breweries more than doubled between 2012 and January 2015, from 95 to over 207 breweries.

Much of the widespread growth has been attributed to less stringent regulations governing alcoholic beverage production and distribution in the Empire State, as well as a number of state and local government grants for small beverage goods producers. Last November, New York state legislators enacted the Craft New York Act, which lowered licensing fees and increased the production cap for small breweries throughout the state from 60,000 barrels to 75,000 barrels. The state also funded a $2 million grant program to help local craft beverage makers market and promote their goods and brand. Combining these factors with the growing interest in artisanal brewing and spirits across the nation has undoubtedly led to the surge in fresh New York breweries, distilleries, cider-houses and wineries.

As New York food goods manufacturing industry members, these operations face a number of unique business challenges and risk exposures. Whether you currently own or are looking to start a microbrewery or similar operation, it is important to consider the loss and liability concerns involved.

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