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New York Golf Club Issuance: Are Your Greens Covered?

New York Golf Club Issuance: Are Your Greens Covered? New York Golf Club Issuance Are Your Greens Covered

Owning and operating a golf club is no small undertaking. Managing the grounds, the buildings, the members and all the vehicles and property takes skill, expertise and planning. There are countless risk and loss exposures golf clubs may face throughout the year, from weather events to liability concerns. As such it pays to have a comprehensive business insurance portfolio designed to meet the unique needs of these facilities.

Here are a few coverage necessities that no golf club can afford to be without:

  • Commercial Property Coverage: Your premise is the foundation of your business. From the rolling greens to the club house, your amenities are one of your greatest commodities. As such, it is vital that you have sufficient coverage to protect all your buildings, structures and properties from common hazards. Commercial property insurance is designed to help cover losses which arise from crime, vandalism, fire, and a host of natural and manmade calamities.
  • General Liability: Accidents happen, and when they occur on your business premises they can be costly. For instance, should a patron be injured on the golf club premises, they may sue your club for negligence or other claims, therefore exposing you to costly legal battles whether you are at fault or not. General liability insurance help protect New York operations from a host of liability exposures which can arise by accident throughout the course of operation.
  • Premises Environmental Coverage: Our pollution liability insuranceand premises environmental coverage, can be very important for facilities that use pesticides, herbicides, fuel and other potential contaminants should any contamination accident arise. As environmental regulations change and increase more and more businesses are susceptible to law, regulations and restrictions monitoring their environmental impact.

There are also a number of additional services commonly offered by New York golf clubs, such as eateries, catering and event services. Offering these services can expose your operation to a number of additional risk exposures such as allegations of food-borne illness, liquor and other such liability concerns. AS such, it is vital that your Golf Club’s Insurance portfolio is designed specifically to manage these risks and more.

New York is home to some of the most beautiful and prestigious golf courses in America, which is why at A.J. Benet we take great pride in helping our clients protect them. Our New York Golf Club insurance programs offer complete and flexible coverage designed to meet the unique needs and risk exposures golf facilities. Whether you are a full service club with an event space and restaurant or a practice course with just nine holes, our experts can help you attain the right coverage to meet your property and liability needs. To learn more about our operation and all our business solutions give us a call today at (888) 639-4560.

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